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Notifications, Messages, & Alerts for Facebook

Button changes state to Notify you about:☎ Facebook Notification✉ New Facebook Message Alert☛ Facebook Friend RequestAlso Includes a 1 click Facebook Like Button.Available as standalone browser buttons or as part of the MediaPimp toolbar.

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1,008 users
Updated February 2, 2012

InterfaceLIFT Downloader

Download wallpaper from quickly without having use their proprietary downloader.

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160 users
Updated February 1, 2012

OpenAttribute Picture Augment

Add licensing to pictures

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Updated January 30, 2012

find chord

Allow you to select a chord name right click and

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68 users
Updated January 27, 2012

Imgflip Quick Submission

Simply right click on any image while browsing, then click Submit Image.

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Updated January 26, 2012


CanImage is a HUB for images. It opens images from many different sources (webpage images, files, clipboard, screenshots), let you changes them with an image editor and push it to many different places (files, clipboard, file inputs, dataUri...).

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152 users
Updated January 26, 2012

TinEye Commercial API Search

Adds TinEye Commercial API search context menu item for images.

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459 users
Updated January 24, 2012

minitube-integration No Restart

Remove flash-player div from youtube and play the video in external minitube application.

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Updated January 23, 2012

Live Quran Radio

Listen to Qur'an with English Translation live 24/7 on Live Quran Radio. Also download free Islamic software, hundreds of Islamic books, audio lectures, wallpapers, Articles, Quran Explorer, Quran Flash Reader and much much more.

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Updated January 20, 2012

Fullsize Image viewer for GooglePlus No Restart

Install it --> Right click on any image when you on Google Plus --> Click on "Full-size" item.
This will open a full-size image in a new tab. Works with any image in your stream (but not for the external links), thumbs and small profile images.

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89 users
Updated January 19, 2012

Gif Block

Allows user to block gif images on a web page.

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Updated January 17, 2012 Tools Add-on No Restart

the Firefox Extension!

Remove limitation and watch videos from streaming platforms. Backup/Regenerate your links.

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Updated January 15, 2012

Music Buddy No Restart

Let's you listen to thousands of songs just by simply typing in a name.

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Updated January 12, 2012

mluschipranie No Restart

download your myspace photos and optionally their comments

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Updated January 11, 2012

Google+ Bottom Right Icon Repositioning

Repositions an icon shown at the bottom right of each picture in Google Plus gallery. Icon will be displayed in the top left corner of the sreen instead so that it would not interfere with the image.

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Updated January 8, 2012

Image bookmarking No Restart

Image bookmarking Add-on
use this add-on to bookmark your favorite images
to your account in just by right clicking on the image page

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Updated January 7, 2012


Convierte facilmente videos de youtube a mp3

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Updated January 4, 2012

Media Stealer mod

Using this Media Stealer mod you can download videos from youtube or any other website that uses flash videos.

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Updated January 2, 2012

Renren Photo Zoom

Renren Photo Zoom!

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Updated December 31, 2011

Youtube AutoPlay Stopper

YouTube AutoPlay Stopper will stop your YouTube videos from auto-playing. Sometimes it can be annoying when you open a bunch of videos you want to watch and they all start playing at the same time. This addon stops all that from happening :)

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1,792 users
Updated December 30, 2011