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ytsearchinzippy Requires Restart

Adds a button that lets you search YT songs in zippyshare and hulkshare.

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Added October 21, 2012

Custom Standalone Image Backgrounds

This add-on renders the standalone image in Firefox with a background color of your choice, which means that you can render it on either a transparent background, a red one, or any color that you like the most.

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Added October 21, 2012

Upload Image Addon | Xum Requires Restart

Upload Photo Simply on Http:// Using API

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Added October 20, 2012

CopyTaste Toolbar Requires Restart

CopyPaste has never been so tasty!

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Added October 17, 2012

NietzscheDerp Requires Restart

Inspired by's Herp Derp, NietzscheDerp replaces YouTube comments with Nietzsche quotes.

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Added October 15, 2012 player Resize

Resize the video player as much as you like!

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Added October 13, 2012

DVZingDownloader Requires Restart

Download Album on Zing - VietDoan, vdvinh

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Added October 11, 2012

im9 Rehost Requires Restart

Re-host your images quickly - image context menu will allow you to copy any image at free hosting... Speed up and save your website bandwidth by using for hotlinking your images at forums, blogs, Facebook etc.

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Added October 7, 2012

Первый интернет канал Requires Restart

Первый Интернет Канал, круглосуточный информационно-развлекательный телеканал, вещающий в НD и FULL HD формате.This extension provides you access to live broadcast of round-the-clock info and entertaining TV channel The First Internet TV Channel.

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Added October 6, 2012

RapidIMG Requires Restart

RapidIMG Quick Uploader

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Added September 28, 2012

Flickr NewTab

Decorate NewTab's Background using Flickr's Week Interesting Photos.

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Added September 27, 2012

MozCamp NewTab

Decorate NewTab's Background using Mozilla's MozCamp Event Photos tagged at Flickr.

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Added September 25, 2012

Tuenti Share Requires Restart

Comparte en Tuenti la web que veas al instante. Haz clic derecho sobre la web en cuestión y pulsa Compartir en Tuenti

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Added September 24, 2012

Solve as Puzzle Requires Restart

Solve any image on the web as a jigsaw puzzle

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Added September 19, 2012


The internet in black and white.

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Added September 16, 2012

Capture & Print Featured

This add-on lets you print a webpage's area easily.

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Added September 10, 2012

Youtube Replay

Replay the videos on on a single click.

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Added September 9, 2012

麦库记事·剪集 Requires Restart


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Added September 5, 2012 Free Image Hosting Requires Restart

ImgFly | Anonymous Imagehost Firefox Plugin

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Added September 5, 2012

Pleezer Alpha

Permet de contrôler la lecture de la musique de Deezer peu importe la page internet que vous parcourez.
Manage Deezer's music on any web page you are browsing.

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195 users
Added September 4, 2012