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Takes you to the Subscripton Menu and not to the Start-Page of YouTube

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Added May 12, 2013

Vidishare - Video Marketing Tool Requires Restart

Vidishare laat je snel je video uploaden naar 9 verschillende kanalen. Klik je video aan en kies de media die je er mee wilt bereiken.

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Added May 11, 2013

Netflix Playlist Requires Restart

Create playlists on Netflix

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Added May 11, 2013

ImgCloud Upload Extension Requires Restart

One-Click Image Upload for

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Added May 9, 2013

PicRange Rightclick Extension Requires Restart

Host images at with a mouse click

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Added May 9, 2013

YouTube to MP3 Free Converter

YouTube to mp3 extension

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Added May 9, 2013

Ratings for FS.TO(ex. FS.UA) and EX.UA

Shows films and series rating from IMDB and Kinopoisk on FS.TO (ex FS.UA) and EX.UA. Allows to vote in both systems in place.

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Added May 8, 2013

Fly Photo Editor for Facebook

Instantly add filters, remove blemishes, add frames and much more with a powerful yet easy to use photo editor right in your browser

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Added May 8, 2013

MyShows Requires Restart

Отмечайте Ваши любимые сериалы - быстро и удобно!
Check your favorite TV shows - fast and convenient!

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Added May 5, 2013

Picmasa Uploader Requires Restart

Upload your images/photos to our free image hosting servers and share them with your friends, family,and collegues, with a simple right button mouse click.

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Added May 4, 2013

HTML5 Media Player Requires Restart

Allows links to HTML5 audio and video supported media to be opened in a media player window within the browser.

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Added May 1, 2013


Video De Youtube en cualquier Tab

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Added April 30, 2013

FoxyScrobbler Requires Restart

Submits songs to your profile from online music services such as Pandora, Songza, Sound Cloud, Rdio, 8tracks etc.

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Added April 30, 2013

ImageFolks Requires Restart

One Click Image Upload for

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Added April 30, 2013

YouTube Persistent Video Container Background Requires Restart

Gives the Youtube Video Container a persistent background across videos and removes any image that Youtube adds on either/left side of the video. Static background colour is currently black.

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Added April 28, 2013

雲端資料櫃 for Gmail

使用 雲端資料櫃 for Gmail 擴充套件,您將可以在撰寫Gmail時,輕鬆附加原先存在雲端的檔案。


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Added April 25, 2013

Save images from any website to your account on

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Added April 23, 2013

bilibili Helper Requires Restart

bilibili Helper.
1. A shortcut function to redirect video in the to its original submitter.
2. share the video in the bilibili to other site more easily.

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Added April 20, 2013

Easy Screenshot Requires Restart

Capture a screenshot of the whole webpage, and save in your desktop in default.

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Added April 16, 2013

badgepix v1.0

This addon allow you to Create and upload images or youtube videos as "badges" to It is a bookmark system similar to Pinterest.

Right Click on images is an easy way to select images that you wish to save as badges.

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Added April 13, 2013