AcsTrigger Requires Restart

Easily toggle the option to allow or not a website to use their own colors.

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Updated December 14, 2013

textPlus Requires Restart

textPlus te permite seleccionar porciones de texto de una página web y luego copiarlas al portapaples o guardar como un archivo de texto.

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Updated December 9, 2013

www.go Requires Restart

Have you ever wondered where clicking on random links would take you? www.go takes you on a random trip through the web, clicking on links every seven seconds and taking you to a new place.

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17 users
Updated December 7, 2013

iOS Docs

Create links for classes and protocols references in iOS documentation pages

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Updated December 4, 2013

InstaWrap by Wrap'm - Beta

Single click to shorten & share the link of the current tab - Wrap'm

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Updated December 4, 2013


a basic add-on for blocking advertisement on web page

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Updated December 2, 2013

Link to Travis Lite

Add a URL on a travis-ci.org page to link to the travis-lite.com for the same page.

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Updated December 2, 2013

Disable F12 Shortcut

Disable F12 Shortcut in Firefox 25 and above.

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7,227 users
Updated December 1, 2013


irfanhoca.com to e-okul.meb.gov.tr. irfanhoca.com++ sistemine girilen notları e-okula aktarma işlemini kolaylaştıran eklentidir. Bizzat irfanhoca tarafından yazılmıştır.

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Updated November 30, 2013

accessKey Requires Restart

browser the Internet through keyboard

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Updated November 28, 2013

AnsiLove for Firefox Requires Restart

View text-mode art directly in FireFox.

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Updated November 25, 2013

直子の代筆ツールバー Requires Restart


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Updated November 22, 2013

Garmin Communicator Requires Restart

The Garmin Communicator is an internet browser plugin that allows you to easily transfer data between websites and Garmin GPS devices.

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428,583 users
Updated November 18, 2013


Add additional function to dimbo.tv chatroom.
- support emoji input
- auto linkify

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42 users
Updated November 17, 2013

Comeback View Menuitems

Comeback 2 menuitems "Reload" and "Page Source" in View menu that no longer exist with Firefox version up.
Almost 90 languages supported.

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104 users
Updated November 13, 2013

Varnam - input tool for indic languages

Varnam is a transliteration based input system for Indian languages. Varnam uses phonetic based transliteration and enables indic input on all the webpages. For now, it suppors the following languages

(1) Malayalam

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Updated November 12, 2013

KBD Button for Stack Exchange sites Requires Restart

Adds a button for KBD syntax to the Stack Exchange editor

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Updated November 6, 2013

Quick Options

Firefox for Windows only.
Quickly accessing Options pane from Firefox Options menu.
Supports ALL languages.

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Updated November 5, 2013


Take a look at the current menu of Gourmet Compagnie.

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Updated October 31, 2013


Organize. Annotate. Collaborate. Axiom provides a better workflow to manage digital documents. It is a cloud-based collaboration platform that allows users to organize and annotate (mark-up) documents, web-pages and even videos.

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Updated October 28, 2013