CallBeam Requires Restart

CallBeam coverts US based phone numbers on any webpage into clickable links that instantly generate a live phone call inside of Ytel’s Cloud Contact Center.

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4 users
Updated June 13, 2014


Firefox plugin voor Klik & Bel, instellen van je bereikbaarheid en wachtrij monitoring

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1 user
Updated June 11, 2014


Inlays a simple and quick access profile manager into the new panel-based main menu. Designed for Portable version of the Australis update to Firefox.

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63 users
Updated June 11, 2014

Rental Application

Create/save/print Rental Applications Other Languages, Backing Up All Those Rental Applications You Entered

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8 users
Updated June 6, 2014

Setlinks Plugin

Плагин расширяет возможности биржи www.setlinks.ru.
Позволяет проверять индексацию ссылок и страниц в Яндекс и Google, а так же контролировать содержание страниц доноров.

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27 users
Updated June 3, 2014

URL Link Requires Restart

URL Link is a small Firefox and Thunderbird extension that allows you to select a non-URL in a mail/news message or web-page, and open it in a browser window.

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11,718 users
Updated June 3, 2014

Add-on Exporter

Saves copies of already-installed add-ons.

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503 users
Updated May 29, 2014

Fox!Box Requires Restart

Assign the FRITZ!Box to reconnect.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (132)
19,299 users
Updated May 27, 2014

IR Broker

A small set of complementary tools which irbroker have not included in it's website. Current features:
- Remove disability of saving username from login form
- Add a "complementary information" section to your user panel

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5 users
Updated May 26, 2014


Mirror2play предоставляет возможность пользователям получить гарантированный доступ к определенному сайту, заблокированному провайдером. Удобство установки, простота и безопасность использования гарантированы.

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6 users
Updated May 23, 2014

Pinnacle Gradesuite Test Editor

This addon allows users of the Pinnacle Gradesuite to test possible grades and see the outcome.

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Updated May 22, 2014

bug667340(Loading clipboard by middle click)

Workaround Bug 667340 - Loading URLs from the clipboard with middle click no longer works

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21 users
Updated May 20, 2014

Link Gopher Requires Restart

Extracts all links from web page, sorts them, removes duplicates, and displays them in a new tab for inspection or copy and paste into other systems.

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11,529 users
Updated May 20, 2014

RBS Change Manager Requires Restart

Module d'accès à l'interface d'administration d'un site réalisé avec RBS Change.

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473 users
Updated May 19, 2014

External Application Buttons 2 Requires Restart

Lightweight add-on to create toolbar buttons that launch various external applications.

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3,163 users
Updated May 18, 2014

Campus Connection Grader

Loads grades into NDUS Campus Connection. Click Preferences to practice without Campus Connection.

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Updated May 12, 2014

jobsRmine Requires Restart

jobsRmine.com helps you find the best local jobs from more than 300 job sites in 65 countries across the globe. Find awesome articles about industry trends in our blog.

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2 users
Updated May 12, 2014

Click Modifiers

Changes link clicking behavior when using modifier keys or middle mouse button.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (3)
263 users
Updated May 10, 2014


Provides JSON-RPC services for a page script.

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54 users
Updated May 10, 2014


Get statistics for your Wikipedia usage - how many articles you've read over the past 90 days with some charts for the daily and hourly usage.

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8 users
Updated May 9, 2014