Adds a new feature "Show new messeges" on startrek.pl forum

Dodaje opcję Pokaż nowe na forum startrek.pl

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Photostream Transloader

This extension allow to upload photos from Firefox to Photostream via right-click menu...

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phpBB Advanced Quick Reply Quote Edit

An advanced quick reply, quote and edit function that should work for all phpBB forums.

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Pick Text No Restart

pick text from a web page and save to your knowledge base in www.ibrainext.com

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Picscrazy right-click

A right click to upload option for an image hosting site www.picscrazy.com

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Pin Tool

Pin to Pinterset easily

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Pinch-to-zoom and Double-tap Gesture Support No Restart

Allows for pinch zooming on Windows and OS X, as well as double-tap (smart zoom) on OS X only. Double-tap gestures will not be recognized until Firefox 23.

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A simple game extension...

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Pinnacle Gradesuite Test Editor No Restart

This addon allows users of the Pinnacle Gradesuite to test possible grades and see the outcome.

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a tool for hide pixiv's ads

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Places Auto Vacuum On Idle

Compacts the Places database on idle.

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Plain Text Links

With any text that can be treated as a URL, using this extension you can right click on the text and select "Open this URL".

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Planalto Encomendas

Acesso rápido ao Portal da Planalto Encomendas e Helpdesk do Grupo JMT.

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Show Firefox notifications as KDE4 Plasma notifications.

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PlayAnyWay No Restart

PlayAnyWay - позволяет пользоваться заблокированными сайтами, путем использования активных зеркал данных ресурсов

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Plucki No Restart

Plucki is a Firefox extension for users who want to remove *all images* from their Internet experience. Plucki is also part of Pluckeye, a free porn filter available at http://www.pluckeye.net/.

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plugCubed No Restart

Adding a new dimension to plug.dj

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The PluginWatcher extension aims to provide the user with plugin activity information via its Activity Meter - located at the bottom right corner of Firefox (as part of the status bar).

NOTE: This extension works with Firefox 3.0 or later.

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Enables plurk sounds without QuickTime plugin on Windows. Optionally it can play custom sound instead of the default *pinnggg* :)

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PoesieRacconti Toolbar

Tutte le poesie e i racconti di PoesieRacconti a portata di click...

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