IRboost Requires Restart

Boost your Internet speed.

This add-on helps you increase your Internet speed by removing extra http information in the packet and some other connection and caching tricks.

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IRCTC Tatkal Compatible with Firefox 57+

An add-on to help you in booking Indian railway tatkal ticket. It is very simple and easy to use. Install the add-on, fill the journey and payment and open IRCTC 2-3 minutes before and all the details (payment too) will be automatically filled.

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This add-on fixes IRCTC behaviour to automatically redirect logout to login rather than Amazon. Also removes annoying OYO Hotels and BlaBla car advertisments.

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21 users

IREMOS CRYPT Compatible with Firefox 57+

Data encryption for the softwares distributed by the consulting firm IREMOS.

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irfanhoca.com to e-okul.meb.gov.tr. irfanhoca.com++ sistemine girilen notları e-okula aktarma işlemini kolaylaştıran eklentidir. Bizzat irfanhoca tarafından yazılmıştır.

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Is It Compatible? Requires Restart

**Notice: This addon is no longer maintained.** Are your addons compatible with the next version of Firefox? Find out straight from the Addons window! **Version 0.6.0 is available from the Versions page, it was never approved by AMO**

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iSmart Profile Scanner Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension will scan content from linkedin/Monster profile page

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It's Video Games

Replaces occurrences of 'videogame' (and variants thereof) with 'video game' the way it was meant to be spelled.

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ITSv2 Redesign Links

An add-on for the assistance in the development of the ITSv2 website.

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İTÜ Ninova Ders Gör

İTÜ Ninova ders bilgi sistemine girdikten sonra ders kodlarının yanında, ders adlarını da görmenizi sağlar!

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IV Cargo Site Cache

Quick one click solution to clear the cached contents of the IVCargo site.

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1,158 users

iVocalize Screencasting

Screencasting helper for iVocalize

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iyte.net menusu Requires Restart

*** A website integration extension for "Izmir Insitute of Technology" Portal: www.iyte.net ***...

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iZhihu - 我爱知乎

「知乎」(http://www.zhihu.com)是一个类似 Quora.com 的 SNS 问答社区。
iZhihu 用于在「知乎」当前产品的基础上满足用户自身需要,对「知乎」产品本身不产生任何影响。

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Ja.gs for Firefox Requires Restart

Firefox add-on for Ja.gs URL shortening service, instant email service (email without registration).

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Jago Toolbar Requires Restart

a toolbar to give fast access to main features of Jago webapplications.
includes quick links and general search options.
all buttons have to functionalities: an action button and a dropdown menu.

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JAJAH Click-to-call Requires Restart

The JAJAH Firefox Add-on integrates free and low-cost click-to-call functionality into your web browser. Make direct phone calls to phone numbers found on any website and save up to 98% on your calls.

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