DoubleClick ContextMenu

Opera like double click context menu

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beneclick.ch donation addon - shop & help

Firefox Addon, mit dem Sie automatisch Spenden generieren können! Ist ein Shop Partner, werden Sie automatisch auf die entsprechende Seite geleitet und bei einem Einkauf wird eine Spende ausgelöst. Einfacher geht es nicht... So macht spenden Spass!

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kbTrainer FF

Adds kbTrainer to FireFox.

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SABDA - Alkitab Linker

Makes a clickable link in any Bible verse pattern in any web page and displays a pop-up when you put your mouse over the link. Works for English (New English Translation) and Indonesian (TB) Bible verses.

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Nepali Patro

Calendar for Nepalese People

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Expression Evaluator (using BODMAS)

Given an expression, it evaluates the expression using Bodmas Rule.

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sinhala Tamil type (unicode)

this addon for easy sinhala tamil type (unicode).

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Redirector addon to redirect all http requests to https.
It is customized now to work with facebook only .

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Keeps notes for web pages in a floating window with tabs. This replaces Web Notes 1.0

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Facebook zoom picture

Memperbesar gambar pada photo profil atau pada gambar di halaman Facebook

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FireConnect helps you easily remote connect to the web page server you are browsing.

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bug643770(Stop Autoscroll by mouse wheel)

Workaround Bug 643770 - Auto scroll does not stop when mouse wheel is turned

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It cleans your address bar

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add-on que insere uma imagem de background no about:blank e about:home

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Multiple Addon Deactivator

Multiple Addon Deactivator (M.A.D) is an addon that can (de)activate one, many or each addon at the same time

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Netwalk No Restart

Decentralized peer-to-peer network

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Fork of Shaun Inman 'CSS Selectors as Fragment Identifiers' implementation

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AWSCLic Skipper

Ce module ouvre automatiquement les liens créés par AwsClic, wslinx et lienscash sans temps d'attente.

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Togglify Add-on Toggler No Restart

Adds toolbar buttons for each restartless add-on (including user scripts and plugins) to toggle its enabled state.

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