Citazione Biblica

Versetti della Bibbia, Versione Riveduta/Luzzi.

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Translates Cheese in the Trap on Naver.com into English using Odd Squad's scanlations.

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Quick and easy ScreenCapping

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Memory Fox 中文版

Firefox 内存恢复组件 Memory Fox 中文版.

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Time Limiter

Time Limiter helps you manage your time better.

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panther front-end No Restart

Front-end to access the PantherSoft web site.

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Add simple strokes (mouse movements driven actions) to Firefox.

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Türkçe Kur'an-ı Kerim Meali

İnternet bağlantısına gerek duymadan kuran mealinden faydalanabilirsiniz.

Meal Yazarı : Prof. Dr. Suat Yıldırım
Veritabanı : http://www.kuranmeali.com

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ViewMyBrowser is the only browser sharing solution for Mozilla Firefox. Remote support and co-browsing solution inside your Mozilla Firefox. Works with all web applications even inside an intranet and inside login areas of web applications or sites.

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Heavy lifting for SDP framework

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Area of a Circle No Restart

Calculate area of a circle given any of the following, radius, diameter or circumference and vice versa

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This automatic linter is the easiest way to validate code style in any pull request on github. Simply press lint button in github pull request page.

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Never let the internet distract you again.

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Homply helps you manage your home search

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Propelink No Restart

Générez vos liens sur Propelink

Le Premier outil qui va « vraiment » Boostez votre visibilité !!!

Multipliez le nombre de visites qualifiées.
Boostez votre notoriété
Accélérez les conversions spontanées

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Artoo-CIBIL Integation for Ujjivan No Restart

This plugin allows you to automate the credit check with CIBIL. It seamlessly fits into the Artoo Portkey interface and helps the user copy data from Artoo's interface on to the CIBIL interface, saving time and effort.

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You Should Probably No Restart

You should probably stop wasting your life and go do something useful.

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Cmonitor No Restart

Check your RBSChange website tasks. Are they still running OK or locked ? This extension will tell you.

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bugmasters No Restart

An add-on to be a tool for bug wranglers to triage bugs on bugzilla.mozilla.org

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GourmetCompagnie No Restart

Take a look at the current menu of Gourmet Compagnie.

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