del.icio.us One-Click Delete

Allows deletion of del.icio.us bookmarks with one...

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Add some ambience to Firefox or Flock. Ambience evaluates the styles of the current website and attaches it to...

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Navigate the JeepForum.com website from your context menu (right click the page). Includes links to check PMs, the UserCP, search function, gallery and all current forums from any...

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Mozteroids is a variant of the computer game classic...

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BOINC Stats is a Firefox extension that displays a user's total and recent average credit in the status bar for BOINC distributed computing projects in which they are actively participating. It may not display stats for projects where a user's...

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TechTalkz ForumNavigator

Navigate TechTalkz Forum through...

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WhatsOnMyBookshelf Wishlist Submitter

Quickly add books to your whatsonmybookshelf.com...

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This one improves interface of Broken Worlds online game by building text list of objects in current...

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GamesForum Menu

The GamesForum Menu Button Add-On adds a new button in the Menu Bar to allow the navigation in the different subforums of the Gamesforum.it community...

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The Anti-Digg/Slashdot Effect Extension provides, in the right-click context menu, options to open the Coral/Google cache versions of a link in a new...

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Checks if the site you're on offers FatCash and displays an icon in the status...

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SEO services: Track sites placement at Google and Yahoo for any keyword. Watch Google PageRank (PR), Backlinks, Saturation over time. Graph and table presentation of the data.

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This add-on just saves the current page to a file and calls an external program (usually Mozilla Thunderbird) using command line arguments to open the mail composer window with the saved file as an attachment.

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Ubuntu-es menu

Menu de navegacion para Ubuntu-es.org.

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Techteam.gr Menu

Additional navigation menu for Techteam.gr via main-menu and context menu.

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iPhoneSender prompts you for your email address, then sends you properly formatted Google map link. That's it! Then, check your email on your iPhone and click the link! The iPhoneSender link will launch the Google Map application for you.

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IE8 Activities (Accelerators) for Firefox

An implementation of IE8 Activities (now called Accelerators) for Firefox

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OOD Combat Report Tool

OOD Утилита для вчитывания боевых докладов.

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This simple add-on allows you to enter your location using longitude and latitude (available from http://www.whatismygeolocation.com/ for free) for use with geolocation enabled websites.

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FireAW - Affiliate Window Deeplink Builder

Create Affiliate Window deeplinks quickly and simply by browsing to the relevant page and quickly access your Affiliate Window account.

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