Show WCI Portal Info Requires Restart

This extension is useful to those managing or developing systems built on Oracle's WebCenter Interaction (previously BEA's AquaLogic Interaction, previously Plumtree) portal. It displays portal host info in the browser's status bar.

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Algo Toolbar Requires Restart

A Toolbar for those who love programming and algorithm.Using this toolbar one can directly access UVA and SPOJ archives, along with hints available on algorithmist.
1. To open problem (say number 100) of ACM just type acm 100 in the textbox(hotkey...

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No Euro 2008 countdown Requires Restart

This addon shows the days until UEFA EURO 2008 soccer championship is OVER!!!
Dieses addon zeigt die verbleibenden Tage, bis die EURO 2008 vorbei ist!!!

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GameFOX Requires Restart

Enhances the GameFAQs message boards.

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sudoku Requires Restart

This extension lets you generate random SUDOKUs and play them. It also detects SUDOKU and let you play puzzles from various web-pages in a single user interface.

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ProAktiv Requires Restart

Helper application for easy usage of ConAktiv's web-frontend. Allows easy im/export of CSV data.

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GotoSelected Requires Restart

GotoSelected is a simple extension, that opens a new tab with the current selected text as destination URL.

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uHide Requires Restart

UnHide BBCode for CMS uCoz

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altctrl Requires Restart

compares prices from romanian online stores

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PlasmaNotify Requires Restart

Show Firefox notifications as KDE4 Plasma notifications.

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Full Screen Status Bar Requires Restart

Shows the status bar when in full screen mode.

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KOCT Requires Restart

Koha Offline Circulation Tool

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hwmForums Requires Restart

Меню для быстрого доступа к HWM-форумам

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GreyBackgrounds Requires Restart

Makes the whole internets grey with plain fonts.

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Steam Forums Menu Requires Restart

Access to the Steam Forums faster and easier

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chinaunix hiden tiezhi Requires Restart


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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Query Stats

Display some information about your past search behavior

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PlurkBell Requires Restart

Enables plurk sounds without QuickTime plugin on Windows. Optionally it can play custom sound instead of the default *pinnggg* :)

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Sticky Fields Requires Restart

Makes form elements automatically populate with a "remembered" value.

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Addic7ed Extended Context Requires Restart

Useful Addic7ed links in your context menu. More links and updates to come.
Visit the forums or official page for details and suggestions.

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