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Fix your URL

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Threaddit (thread tool for reddit.com)

* Click or use scroll wheel to bypass threads.
* SHIFT + SCROLL WHEEL to scroll a whole screen of comments.
* Auto-loads next set of comments at the end of the page.
* Highlights comments made by OP.
* Adds borders and alternates baggrounds.

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Bekijk het weerbericht, de 5daagse verwachting of natuurlijk de Buienradar met de officiele Buienradar.nl extensie!

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Wikipedia Appeal Remover

Removes the appeal from all wikipedia sites

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Addic7ed Extended Context

Useful Addic7ed links in your context menu. More links and updates to come.
Visit the forums or official page for details and suggestions.

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Ce module permet de passer des appels téléphoniques en cliquant sur les numéros de n'importe quelle page web, via les serveurs voip TeamBox et Asterisk

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Turns ThunderLinks into clickable hyperlinks.

Link from your browser to your email messages!

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Backup your Firefox data

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Google Plus Notification Hider No Restart

Hide the annoying red google notification from all your google pages.

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TrustedSource Category viewer

Displays a site category from TrustedSource

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ActFox: ActTrader Firefox Addon

Allows users of ActTrader application to view information about their current trading status, while browsing the web with Firefox. Always stay on top of your current balance, P/L, number of open positions and orders, live dealing rates and more!

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Simpleology Browser Add-on

Allows you to add notes, to-dos, links and more to your Simpleology Dream Catcher, in addition to site blocking and surf disruption to help keep you focused throughout your day. Watch the quick start video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJzrtVkhYFw

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Replaces moving forward with in the future

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淘宝绩效查看器 for firefox。

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YAGO Linker

Links Wikipedia to YAGO

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GitHub Repo Widget No Restart

Shows all of your GitHub repos and has convenient links.

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Complemento para inverter os links dos sites de proteção de download, que exigem que seja feito download para continuar. Ele vai abrir a página verdadeira para você!

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bugzilla-diff-highlight No Restart

Highlight the diffs openened on bugzilla.mozilla.org

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ASIN-List-Tool No Restart

A tool that copies ASIN values from the Amazon.com store, and can print them in a list separated by newline (\n) characters.

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