iMeet Central Cloud Assist

iMeet Central Cloud Assist browser extension

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UAuliver (prononunced 'oooh-Oliver') is a simple firefox extension that resets your user agent every few seconds to a randomly generated series of emojis.

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A browser Extension for auto loading paginated web pages!!!

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MoCo SSO Tweaks

Tweak Mozilla's SSO login

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jjjjj Requires Restart


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Xvideo downloader for Android

Easy to use xvideos.com video downloader created specifically for Android devices

Download porn videos to your device from xvideos.com with this addon

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Omnem Gradibus

Automatically displays all steps in one page for each article in Instructables.

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Markdown Fastmail Notes

Render plain text Markdown formatted Fastmail Notes in HTML

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Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker helps you create truly helpful bug reports at a button. Save time and report issues faster and easier with smarter bug reporting for browser.

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Make browser become a EPUB reader with pure power of HTML and Javascript!

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Jitsi-Meet Desktop Sharing: enables screen sharing for the Jitsi-Meet application.

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animalpark testerino

A screen-sharing extension for testing shenanigans

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Cloud To Butt Requires Restart

Replaces the text 'the cloud' with 'my butt' as you browse.

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Surligneur permet de simplement surligner des passages d'une page web. Ces passages sont automatiquement sauvegardés et restaurés à la prochaine visite.

Surligneur enables to simply highlight text in a web page and restore it later.

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raw vision Requires Restart

Lets you view data in raw...

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FoBo.ru Driver Requires Restart

Enables clipboard cut/copy/paste functions for supported browsers on FoBo.ru forum...

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PagMan Requires Restart

A Pacman clone with 2-player...

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Button to Clear URL and Search Requires Restart

Creates a button that - when pressed - clears the url and search input boxes simultaneously and focuses the url input box. This can be useful, for instance, if you're running *nix and use highlight-to-copy and middle-click-to-paste often.

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JAJAH Click-to-call Requires Restart

The JAJAH Firefox Add-on integrates free and low-cost click-to-call functionality into your web browser. Make direct phone calls to phone numbers found on any website and save up to 98% on your calls.

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Link Widgets Requires Restart

Eases navigation within sequences of pages (e.g. Web comics, forums, or technical specifications such as the HTML 4 Recommendation) by providing toolbar buttons for the first, previous, next, and last page. Also includes buttons to move up a level...

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