niconico loop


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Skrivanek JMT

Skrivanek Job Management Tool for recording, planning and evaluating translation jobs. The data can be exported or imported as .txt files, and the language edited manually to alter the purpose of the logger or to use a foreign langauge.

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IPA opnametool

This Firefox addon will make screenshots of web pages, optionally based on an external list of urls and save them in pdf format. For the moment the interface is in Dutch only!

This add on uses jsPDF (https://github.com/MrRio/jsPDF)

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Informatize XPI Requires Restart

Componente XPI Informatize

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PJe Tools

Plugin desenvolvido para auxiliar no envio das notificações pelo PJe, dentre outras funções.

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Displays how many times you've visited Facebook today.

Conscious makes you more aware of each time you visit Facebook mechanically, without really thinking about it.

Get rid of that habit, save some time and do meaningful things instead!

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xora.be, Numer

xora.be, Numer

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Learningcourt Enable Screen Capturing in Firefox

This firefox extension enables screen capturing support in Firefox for https://www.learningcourt.com

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List Addons in Windows' Programs

List addons in Windows' "Add or Remove Programs".

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SilverStem order notifications

This extension helps SilverStem users to work with orders more effectively, and react on them faster.

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notify do not use too much time on the Internet

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Archive web pages to web.archive.org

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Oritor Desktop Streamer

Jitsi-Meet Desktop Sharing: enables screen sharing for the Jitsi-Meet application.

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ProofHQ Rich Media Review

Create comments with snapshots for HTML5 banners and Rich Media proofs

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Dynamic Zoom

Dynamically adjusts the zoom level based on the width of the browser window to prevent the website from reflowing every time the window is resized.

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Markdown to JIRA

A right click menu entry to automatically convert Markdown syntax in JIRA's Markup (and the other way around).

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IBM Cognos TM1 Web Clipboard Extension

This extension allows IBM Cognos TM1 Web access to the clipboard.

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Save Page WE

Save a complete web page (or just the current state) as a single HTML enhanced file that can be displayed in any browser.

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This addon allows you to add cards to any of the boards that you are assigned to with just a few clicks, without having to explicitly open them!

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Animana Debtors

Provide filtered debtor output

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