FIOwormix Requires Restart


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Added February 14, 2013

Ladbrokes Deep Link Generator Requires Restart

Deep link to any page of your choice on the Ladbrokes website across all domains.

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Added February 14, 2013

RS TaskGroup Browser Extension

RS TaskGroup von der Raikosoft GmbH ist eine webbasierte Aufgaben- und Projektmanagement Software. Mit Hilfe dieser Erweiterung können Aufgaben per Link aus z.B. E-Mails in einem bereits angemeldeten RS TaskGroup-Webclient geöffnet werden.

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Added February 14, 2013

copyToThunder Requires Restart


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Added February 12, 2013

Varnam - input tool for indic languages

Varnam is a transliteration based input system for Indian languages. Varnam uses phonetic based transliteration and enables indic input on all the webpages. For now, it suppors the following languages

(1) Malayalam

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Added January 26, 2013

Quick Stock Research Toolbar Requires Restart

A toolbar with quick links for researching stocks on the web. Just enter the ticker once in the toolbar instead of once for each website.

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Added January 21, 2013

accessKey Requires Restart

browser the Internet through keyboard

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Added January 20, 2013

BM Fox Requires Restart

BM for the Fox!

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Added January 18, 2013

Area of a Triangle

Compute area of triange give base and height of triangle or all three sides of triangle. Also computes side of triangle given others

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Added January 12, 2013

sigilizer Requires Restart

Sigilization addon for firefox. This small addon accepts an input string, removes duplicates characters and randomizes it. This is a very simple addon.

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Added January 12, 2013

Add-on Exporter

Saves copies of already-installed add-ons.

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Added January 11, 2013

Area of a Circle

Calculate area of a circle given any of the following, radius, diameter or circumference and vice versa

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Added January 11, 2013



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Added January 10, 2013

Angle Conversion

Convert among measure of angle viz., degree, radian, mil, grad, minute, second, point, circle etc.

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Added January 8, 2013

Copy in Forums Requires Restart

A tiny add-on that's help you copying from javascript protected content

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Added January 4, 2013

Kmoney Requires Restart


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Added January 3, 2013

Etao QR Code

Show QR code of current URL, so you can visit it on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone or pad very fast and easily.

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Added January 2, 2013

Addons Quick Search Requires Restart

Type first letters of add-on name to find them in the list or press Ctrl+↑/↓ to switch between add-ons categories.
Additionally remember and restore last selected item in each list.

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Added January 1, 2013


record firefox uptimes

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Added December 30, 2012

PplUMayShit: Irritating FB People U May Know Hider

It will relieve you from irritating people you may know mostly which is full of pornographic fake profile and ads of the slide bar of facebook which ruins your concentration while using facebook.

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Added December 30, 2012