Wikipedia-References-Creator No Restart

Create wikipedia references from websites with configurable output. Automatic detection from Google-Books, Amazon, and each other website (as simple refeference).

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Added June 17, 2012


GoogleCalendar - CopyPaste è un'estensione per firefox che si integra con google Calendar permettendo di copiare, incollare e tagliare velocemente qualsiasi evento nei propri calendari.

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Added June 15, 2012

Task Information Collections

Project/task management of information on a spatial area by creating links to files, folders, web pages, web based email and pieces of text by dragging them over the extension page.

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Added June 12, 2012

TPB->Proxy Link Convertor

Allows users browsing pages with links to The Pirate Bay in countries where TPB is blocked (as in the UK) to seamlessly have links diverted to a Pirate Party proxy rather than having to manually navigate via the proxy.

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Added June 12, 2012

Focus Follows Mouse

A productivity tool to automatically place the cursor inside of text inputs when hovering over them. When else do you hover over a text input? Additionally, radio and checkbox elements will be focused but not checked upon hovering.

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Added June 11, 2012


Allows ActTrader users to view essential information about their current trading status, all while browsing the web with Firefox. Always stay on top of your current balance, P/L, number of open positions and orders, live dealing rates and more!

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Added June 6, 2012

LoginLane Toolbar

Single Sign-on Extension. LoginLane provides you a secure place to store your usernames and passwords, and with the use of our Firefox extension, you can automatically log in to your accounts without entering passwords. Check out LoginLane.com.

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Added May 30, 2012

BOINC Stats 2

Displays your Total and Recent Average Credits for BOINC distributed computing projects in the status bar.

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Added May 29, 2012

panther front-end No Restart

Front-end to access the PantherSoft web site.

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Added May 28, 2012

Midday Commander

File manager for local files.
You can copy, move, rename and remove files and directories. You can create folders, edit files with firefox scratchpad or preview – in browser tab.

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Added May 23, 2012


Revisit for Firefox,a extension for Firefox to view the recent visited page

3、应用Logo-Enhanced Thumbnails

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Added May 18, 2012

bugzilla-diff-highlight No Restart

Highlight the diffs openened on bugzilla.mozilla.org

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Added May 12, 2012

waferthin No Restart

Make buildbot waterfalls thinner

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Added May 9, 2012

Add-ons Manager Context Menu Featured

Add more items to Add-ons Manager context menu.

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Added May 7, 2012

Get.tf URL Shortener

Uses get.tf service to short your URL

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Added May 4, 2012

JFox Blocker

Blokovanie reklam z portalu cp.sk

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Added April 24, 2012

Mainlink Toolbar

Mainlink.ru optimizer's tool

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Added April 23, 2012


CopyReflex copies your selection to the clipboard as soon as you complete it, so you no longer need to hit CTRL + C to copy (like PuTTY on Windows). Based on the Auto Copy addon by Michael Lidman, but much simpler.

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Added April 21, 2012


Das ist Das Schluk add-on

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Added April 21, 2012


Automatically adds/subtracts/multiplies/divides Time entries in a text field.

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Added April 20, 2012