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Alpheios Greek Tools Requires Restart

Extension for reading and learning Ancient Greek. Requires the Alpheios Basic Libraries extension, available at

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Mobile Dyslexic

Mobile Dyslexic replaces all fonts of all web pages with carefully crafted special font which is easier to read by people with dyslexia.

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Sanskrit WordNet ( संस्कृतशब्दबन्धः )

Sanskrit WordNet provides you free access to more than fifty thousand words in its lexical database. The dictionary like structure is multilingual, and translations to respective other languages and English are also available.

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Context Dictionary Lookup

Long-Click Dictionary. Definition will popup when left button pressed for one second.
"长按"单词, 快速查英语单词。它自动记录所查单词及其所出现的句子,利用你所读过的句子强化单词记忆
在线, 字典, 汉语, 翻译, 英汉, 英语, 词典

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inUkraine Requires Restart

Заменяет "на Украине" на "в Украине".

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form zenkaku


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Hidden Furigana

a program what hides or shows the furigana in a page

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Ektajpu: Esperanto Text Converter Compatible with Firefox 57+

This chrome extension converts the x-system characters into their proper Esperanto characters.

This converts the characters live, as you type.

Example: cx ⟶ ĉ gx ⟶ ĝ hx ⟶ ĥ jx ⟶ ĵ sx ⟶ ŝ ux ⟶ ŭ

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Linguee it! Compatible with Firefox 57+

Displays words and sentences translation using Linguee™

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Słownik synonimów PL Requires Restart

Adds to browser Polish synonyms dictionary from package LibreOffice.

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Romanian Dictionary (RO) Requires Restart

Selectează cuvântul, click dreapta ca să deschizi meniul si apasă pe "Caută 'cuvântul selectat' in" pentru a găsi definiția cuvântului.

Notă: această operațiune va deschide o pagină nouă pe site-ul

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Send Selection to Google Translate

Copies selected text into Google Translate in a new tab, via a right click menu option. The default target language is English, which can be changed in the add-on's Preferences.

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All About It Requires Restart

Check out selected texts or websites on the Web with right-clicks.

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Huruf Compatible with Firefox 57+

Allows you to set the font and size of Arabic text, making it easy to read.

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Light Dict

Look up a selected word or idiom in a online English-Japanese dictionary and show it on a pop-up window.

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Англо-Русский переводчик слов и небольших текстов. ТРЕБУЕТСЯ для работы: Yandex.Translate API ключ (Бесплатный)

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CorrectEnglish for FireFox Compatible with Firefox 57+

FireFox Extension to check text written in Web Pages against CorrectEnglish.

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Cambridge English Dictionary Compatible with Firefox 57+

Cambridge English Dictionary search tool

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Translator menu Compatible with Firefox 57+

The menu for translation/switching between the current tab and a tab with one of translators in the current or another window.

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