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Let It Snow - Snowing effect in browser window.

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Strum Strip

Strum Strip is as a basic modal scale reference for guitarists, singer-songwriters, and those new to music theory. Contains the 7 modal scales (Ionian, Dorian,etc.) , and provides a 7 chord progression of the basic chords in each mode.

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Odnoklassniki one click login Requires Restart

One click Odnoklassniki account access!

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The Interrobanger Requires Restart

Automatically replaces ‘!?’ and ‘?!’ with an interrobang.

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Toontown Rewritten Invasion Notifier

Notifies you when an invasion occurs on Toontown Rewritten.

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Mod para la web de Vandal

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AutoCaptcha for Firefox

Fills in the captcha on

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Bądź na bieżąco z aktywnością MultiGameplayGuy

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Meme Repo Helper

This add-on makes it quick and easy to add memes to your repo.

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xjonny84x Requires Restart

Soyez au courant des que xjonny84x stream

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Really Unexpected Jihad

This extension changes the subreddit name on the frontpage to make it unexpected! And you're now on a list.

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Neopets GPL Toolbar

A GPL Toolbar for Neopets

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first esacpe games

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Transform YouTube URLs into websites that repeat YouTube videos

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Stream Overwatch-World Requires Restart

Soyez informés dès qu'un stream est lancé sur la TV Overwatch

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FPL Helper Fixtures

Shows you the upcoming fixtures and their difficulty for each player when you're making you Fantasy Premier League transfers.

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Recruitr for Firefox

Streamlines the process of recruiting new rulers in Cyber Nations

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Ne rater plus aucun de mes lives !

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Wenn auch du zu Strache lieber Bumsti sagst.

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Pardus MultiClock Requires Restart

Display a selection of clocks that represent various events that occur within Pardus (a MMORPG set in space)

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