Plugins Toggler

Adds a toolbar button to manage installed plugins.

After installation, the button is placed in your Customise Toolbar window (View/Toolbars/Customise...). You need to open this window and drag it to your preferred location in the main toolbar.

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3,128 users


Beautifies Google+ for optimal viewing on large monitors. Reduces chat. Fixes layout issues.

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139 users

Points Can Not Motivate Me

Come on, we are Eng Sci students! Do we really need points to motivate us to do well? I think the point system is the greatest example of a cognitive anchor so far. Enjoy (and pass on) this little gift from your fellow classmate if you agree.

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Policy Manager

Provides a dialog to customize policy settings.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (13)
42 users speed and privacy add-on No Restart

Increase page load time, enhance your privacy and prevent from tracking you while engaging in political discussion.

Get rid of annoying Facebook and Twitter applications that slow down the site and track your usage.

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Pooch Café Comic Interactive Theme No Restart

The official theme for all cheese-loving, squirrel-fearing, kibble-desiring, break-dancing, toilet-drinking mutts named Poncho. The Pooch Cafe theme gives you daily access right in your browser!

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Pop Star Justin Theme with Personas Interactive

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, the Pop Star Justin browser theme is the only theme for true Beliebers.

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Popup ALT Attribute No Restart

Popups alternate texts of images or others like NetscapeCommunicator(Navigator) 4.x.

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11,006 users

Power Twitter

Makes Twitter Better!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (167)
4,110 users

Prefix-Free Addon No Restart

This addon makes use of PrefixFree ( to make any page's CSS3 work with your browser. This is especially useful when a site only uses selectors with browser prefixes not targeting your own browser.

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4 users

Pregnancy Ticker

Pregnancy Ticker shows you the week and day of pregnancy in the Add-on Bar.

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Preisspion is a browser German add-on that automatically informs you, while you are looking at a product in an online-shop, if the product is available cheaper in another online-shop and notifies you about availble coupons for the online-shop.

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12,950 users

President Obama Theme with Personas Interactive

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. President Obama Interactive Theme: Includes embedded scrolling news and an expandable sidebar with video!

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Prettier Bookmarks Toolbar No Restart

Enhance the appearance of the bookmarks toolbar and make it more useful.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (4)
570 users

Prettify paragraphs No Restart

Activate full justification and hyphenation on all web-pages paragraphs for better readability.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (6)
253 users

Prevent Tab Overflow No Restart Featured

Make sure your tabs stay visible all the time.

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12,450 users

Preview or Download No Restart

Asks the user if they want to preview the pdf or download it.

***New Version***

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Previous tab highlighting No Restart

When switching between multiple tabs, often there is a situation when you forget which tab you were before switching to the other one. This small extension solves this problem by highlighting the previous tab.

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355 users

Print Context Menu

Adds the ability to print and print preview a web page from the context menu

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232 users

Print Edit Featured

Allows editing of web page content while in Print Preview mode, prior to printing or saving as HTML or PDF. Compacts the layout and removes unwanted content such as adverts, sidebars and blank pages. Any element can be formatted, hidden or deleted.

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