Just Disable Stuff

Just disable JavaScript - toggle it on and off. No fancy toolbars, icons, windows, unnecessary functions. Just do it. You can also disable images. Just like that.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (23)
17,680 users

Just Go Requires Restart

Do you miss the Go button always visible in the address bar, like in Firefox 2? Just Go is for you.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (10)
0 users


An add-on to share data between kanbanery and bugzilla.

Not yet rated
1 user

Kansas State U New Tab

Customize your New Tab page and enjoy KSU images and links on every New Tab! Perfect for Wildcat fans!

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0 users

Karma Readout

Restore old upvote/downvote display on Reddit

Not yet rated
2 users


Discover the content that people is sharing and share your own links while you get to know your relevance, enjoy yourself and even profit from your influence.

Not yet rated
68 users

KDXTool Compatible with Firefox 57+

KDXTool fun plugin

Not yet rated
3 users

KeePass Helper Requires Restart

Adds a hostname, URL, or email account ID to the application's window name (e.g., that of Firefox or Thunderbird) to make it recognizable to password manager utilities like KeePass.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (40)
3,804 users

Keyboard Shortcuts Compatible with Firefox 57+

Simple keyboard shortcut for fast work

Not yet rated
12 users

Kick Facebook Suggested Posts Compatible with Firefox 57+

The extension remove every suggested posts from your Facebook main page.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (6)
476 users


See the history and backing projections of your favorite Kickstarter campaigns without ever having to leave their project page.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (6)
566 users

kiki-mg Requires Restart

The ultimate kiki experience full of awesomeness.

Not yet rated
2 users

Kill Button

Say goodbye to unwanted elements in web pages

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (7)
200 users

Kill FB Feed

Makes you more productive while using Facebook.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (14)
1,160 users

Kill Infinite Scroll

This disables various infinite scroll scripts such as those from used by Tumblr and others.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (12)
450 users

Kill It

Kill Ads and Slide-Ins

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (5)
134 users

Kill Panel Animations Requires Restart

Kill Panel Animations.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (10)
348 users

Kill That Password Map

Remove redundant password map on

Not yet rated
0 users

Kim Kardashian by MaDonna - Interactive Theme

This is a browser theme built especially for fans of Kim K! Designed by one of our theme artists, MaDonna. You will enjoy a great looking theme with links to Kim's sites.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars (1)
0 users

Kimmie Requires Restart

A Firefox addon that replaces the "Jong Un" in Kim Jong Un's name to "Kardashian".

Not yet rated
6 users