Kimmie Requires Restart

A Firefox addon that replaces the "Jong Un" in Kim Jong Un's name to "Kardashian".

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5 users

Kinjamprove Compatible with Firefox 57+

Click the Kinjamprove! button to view any Kinja comments section with threaded/nested replies, collapsible threads, and other improvements. Never click "Show More Comments" again!

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53 users ad hide Requires Restart

Hides the advertising on . No more nude girls or annoying popups on your PC screen while browsing streams.

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23 users

kiosk-costaisa Requires Restart

RKiosk (Real Kiosk), fullscreen kiosk mode: all menus, keys etc. disabled
Costaisa variant.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (9)
2,783 users

kioskfox Requires Restart

Locks Firefox down so it can be used as a public kiosk. Removal instructions are in the full description.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (6)
2,042 users

KISaD JSON Viewer Compatible with Firefox 57+

Viewer for large json files using cloud9's ace editor.

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158 users

KissAnime Adblocker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Automatically removes the ads on KissAnime!

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132 users

kitsune Compatible with Firefox 57+

Your browser, but with a config file!
This add-on serves as a companion to You will have to set up kitsune-server for the add-on to function. This add-on is compatible with

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0 users UI Improvements Requires Restart

Adds some features to the web pages to make editing/translating easier.

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4 users

Kiwi Amazon Price Comparison

This extension gets price information from other Amazon stores.

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216 users

KK Cedevita home

S ovim produzetkom postavljate za vasu pocetnu stranicu i novu karticu.

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Koi Pixiv Addon

Improve Browsing on Pixiv History

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61 users

Konquefox Requires Restart

Konquefox is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that adds some useful buttons : Clear URL, Clear Search field, Go Up and Zoom, for a better integration in Linux or KDE

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (15)
605 users

Kroniki Fallathanu Informer Requires Restart

Dzięki temu dodatkowi na pasku dodatków pojawi się informacja o otrzymanej poczcie w grze przez przeglądarkę Kroniki Fallathanu ( W opcjach dodatku należy podać swój ID w grze i gotowe.

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1 user

Diese Add-on integriert den Kurzlink-Dienst direkt in den Browser.

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4 users

Kung Fu Panda Tribute New Tab

Po and the Kung Fu Panda gang on every new tab! Includes a convenient search box and other new tab features.

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1 user

L'avis de guéguerre Compatible with Firefox 57+

Affiche l'avis des valeureux guéguerreux à la place des tests de GK.
Place aux vrais avis.

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L-Square Responsive Design Inspector Requires Restart

Browser pixel rulers to help inspect window widths of adaptive designs. The add-on button acts as a toggle that adds rulers similar to a graphics app to measure the current window resolution.

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1,521 users

La Pastille Aidodys Compatible with Firefox 57+

Découvrez la Pastille Aidodys ! Adaptez vos pages web en 3 clics en fonction de vos difficultés de lecture !
Profitez d'une lecture plus rapide, plus compréhensible et moins fatigante !

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7 users

La Salle U Theme with Personas Interactive

The official theme for Explorer fans. You'll get:

A great looking La Salle theme
Breaking news from all Athletics programs
Social connection with Facebook & Twitter

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