Legacy link context menu No Restart

An add-on to swap places between Open Link in New Window and Open Link in New Tab. No more new windows by mistake!

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3 users

Blocker for Absurd News

Block/Unblock news that you don't wish to see on

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10 users

University of Tennessee Interactive Theme No Restart

This is a browser theme designed especially for Volunteer athletics fans. You'll enjoy a stunning Tennessee Firefox theme, quick links to the best of Vols athletics and a sidebar for the latest action

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Woolik TweeTool – add logos to your twitter stream

Easily recognize links before you click in twitter by adding movie thumbnails and logos of top sites to your stream

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60 users

Super iGoogle.

Show/hide the header, footer and sidebar on iGoogle to save space! Perfect for small screens or netbooks!

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176 users

Appmenu iconizer

Reduces the Firefox menu button to an icon

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Random11's Buttons

Adds an extra new Tab button which was removed in Firefox 4.0.
Adds a special new Tab button that opens your homepage in a new tab.
Adds a restart button that restarts Firefox.

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61 users

Search Thumbs No Restart

Website thumbnails in search results for Google, Yahoo, Bing,,,,, and

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Strict Compatibility Opt-in Test Addon No Restart

This is an example addon demonstrating the strictCompatibility opt-in option.

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Retro Find for Firefox 10*

Replace the find toolbar with the old find dialog and add a status bar. Yeah, the good ol' fashioned find box is now here for Firefox 10*!

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Clan MacLanborough Pipes & Drums Firefox Toolbar

Clan MacLanborough Pipes and Drums Firefox Toolbar

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Kicktraq No Restart

See the history and backing projections of your favorite Kickstarter campaigns without ever having to leave their project page.

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919 users

Larry filter for Twitter

Larry filter will hide some tweets on the website. Select a list of words, #hashtags or @usernames and they will no longer appear on your timeline!

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856 users

Forum be gone No Restart

Entfernt Diskussionsforen vieler deutschsprachiger Nachrichtenseiten

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15 users

Barrel Roll 0.1

Does a Barrel Roll

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8 users

ad ade

Lass die Werbung aus deinem Browser verschwinden und bekomme stattdessen täglich verschiedene Artikel, Bilder oder Videos.

Konzept: Eike Theresa Stender, HfG Karlsruhe

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Youtube Comment Blocker

Youtube Comment Blocker is an extension that hides comments and video responses.

Watch a short introduction video (1 minute):

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544 users

Google Favicon 2009 No Restart

changes Google's Favicon back to the colorful and easy to identify one, from 2009

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163 users

Outlook Button

Add a native looking button to Firefox on the Navigation Toolbar. Left click to go to Outlook, Middle click to open Outlook in a new tab.

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909 users