Minerva Enhanced

Enhances Minerva platform of UGent

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11 users

Twitter Web - Dark Mode (Black)

Dark mode with black background for Twitter's web app. Just changes look & feel.

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114 users

Cricket Live Fullscreen

Adds a fullscreen button to Cricket Australia streaming.

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Colored Nested Comments

CNC is a browser extension which aims to help users quickly identify the level of a nested comments' hierarchy.
Supported sites:
- news.ycombinator (hacker news)

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Herozero Style Changer

This addon changes style of the site.

It will change the background to dark, and generally will make the site to look better on lower resolution displays, by removing unnecessary elements.

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Dark Theme for YouTube™

A highly customizable dark charcoal/blue theme for YouTube

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323 users

Random Theme Switcher Requires Restart

This extension switches skin at...

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5 users

Rage3D Forums Menu Requires Restart

Navigate the Rage3D Forums through a drop down main menu in Firefox

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18 users

Clipboard Observer Requires Restart

This can load URI texts copied into the clipboard automatically.

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27 users

Tab Minus Requires Restart

Adds Close Tab button, Scroll Left button and Scroll Right button to the toolbar. Requires newest Tab Mix Plus dev build, and it can be downloaded via Tab Mix Plus forum: ...

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26 users

InSearch Requires Restart

Use a keyboard shortcut to select the search box in webpages

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Girl in Wonderland Requires Restart

"Girl in Wonderland" is the tool for a great web experience with browser. Let's have a wonderful trip with girls!

Entertainment Division/Jury Recommend Works of the 2007 Japan Media Arts Festival

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Basic Bookmarks for Firefox Requires Restart

Hides 'Bookmark Menu' and 'Bookmark Toolbar' from the bookmark sidebar, allows you to arrange your bookmark structure however you like (like in FF2), and frees space in the sidebar.

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350 users

ChromiGlass Requires Restart

Polishes the Chrome for Chromifox.

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Animat Requires Restart

Animat allows you to create an animated image using the Animated Portable Network Graphics (APNG) format.

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510 users

PinkTheme Pink Pack Requires Restart

The lovely, popular, and improved PinkTheme Extension Edition for Firefox. This extension brings a theme and extras to enhance your Firefox with a pink style.

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38 users

NHL's Phoenix Coyotes - Official Theme

NHL's Phoenix Coyotes - Official Hockey Theme and Extension

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FLW Fishing Theme and Extension Requires Restart

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, the FLW Outdoor Theme includes links to the site, embedded scrolling news, an expandable sidebar w/ news, exclusive content and video.

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3 users

MLS D.C. United Soccer Interactive Theme Requires Restart

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, the MLS's DC United Soccer Theme and Extension includes embedded scrolling news and an expandable sidebar with video, blogs and news!

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eBay - Watch List - Show End Of Auction Requires Restart

eBay item description: Shows in the item watch-list the end-of-auction (as date and time) for each item.

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612 users