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Mute Music During Youtube Video No Restart

Automaticly stops your musicplayer when you start watching a video in firefox.
Control your musicplayer with firefox.

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2 users

Pinnacle Gradesuite Test Editor No Restart

This addon allows users of the Pinnacle Gradesuite to test possible grades and see the outcome.

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7 users

Omniref No Restart

Adds Ruby documentation search from to your Google search results and Github source listings.

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244 users


Extension for

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9 users

Marathonbet No Restart

Access to Marathonbet

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1,533 users

re:act No Restart

re:act makes it easy to do something about your interests by connecting you to Do-It, as you browse the web

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7 users

speedupcanonizeURL No Restart

speed up Single-word location bar searches

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101 users

Persian transliteration No Restart

Helps transliterating Persian texts.

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24 users

Switzerland-newspapers No Restart

A Visual iconic directory of all newspapers in Switzerland.

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1 user

Mozilla community-german Mailinglist Helper No Restart

Hilft Admins der Mozilla community-german Mailingliste bei der Moderation!

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12 users

WEB.DE Coupon Alert

Stay directly informed about great deals

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3,801 users

Template Extractor

This tool automatically extracts the template of a webpage.
In order to identify the template, this tool (1) analyzes the webpages linked by the current webpage, and (2) identifies common HTML structures. The common HTML structure is the template.

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82 users

HN Mobile No Restart

Hacker News ( formatted for small screens.

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71 users

Romania-Newspapers-Dir No Restart

A Visual Iconic directory of all newspapers of ROMANIA

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3 users

Sweden-Newspapers No Restart

A visual iconic directory of Sweden Newspapers.

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5 users

Neeed button No Restart

Shop is all you Neeed!

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9 users | Bypass Situs Bokep Bersama Kami

Browsing Bebas Dari Nawala untuk membuka situs

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64 users

Ziggy Marley Theme with Personas Interactive No Restart

Celebrate with Ziggy Marley.

Easy access to the best of
Access to exclusive offers
Special features including a music player

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SmartKey No Restart

Плагин позволит посещать сайты, которые по каким-либо причинам были заблокированы. Доступ к любым сайтам всего в один клик.

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189 users

Norway-newspapers No Restart

A Visual Iconic directory of all Norway Newspapers for easy news reading

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7 users