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Display and edit the url of the current tab.
Reloads with the edited url on enter.

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Umbraco Debug

Plugin displays the debug at the bottom of any Umbraco page. Suitable for versions 4.0+

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github-addon No Restart

Track your GitHub repos and issues from within Firefox!

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Sirex's App Tabloc

Protect App/pinned Tabs, stops pinned tabs from closing, based off Tabloc.
Works along side Tabloc, but does not use its settings etc, not needed to be honest!
Works on Tabs instantly

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MediaPin Pinning add-ons

Pin photos on MediaPin. Pin Youtube videos on MediaPin. Share URL on Mediapin
Right click on photos or videos(Youtube only) and select Add Photo on Mediapin option. You will get Add Mediapin pop up for adding Photo on mediapin.

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1 user to wtyczka pozwalająca na łatwe wykonanie zrzutu (screenshota)
strony internetowej - do wyboru jest wykonanie zrzutu całości strony,
jej widocznej części lub wybranego fragmentu. Możesz też wgrać obraz z
dysku lub otworzyć białą kartkę.

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159 users

CSS Toolbox

Some tools for editing CSS stylesheets online

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235 users


GreenFox, Green Code Lab Firefox AddOn. Measure easily your CPU consumption.

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This extension enables use of public key cryptography to log into a website.

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Picup Free image hosting

Free image hosting website with no limits !

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TM! Live No Restart

透過 TM! Live,您能夠更方便、快捷地接收 Trend Magazine!的最新資訊,緊貼每期精彩內容

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Open a new window and follow up on the latest tweets!

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Pops up a panel every 30mins (Time is settable) that will display a breaking news feed from Twitter or any website, so that you will never be more than 30mins away from any major news. Click outside to dismiss panel. More info in description.

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T-suggest was created for the project of the university.
Gets the metadata page you're viewing and then forward it to our server.
Based on the data collected about you, using our algorithm , you'll see links to pages that you may be interested.

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Personal Video Commander

The Multimedia as a Service allows a subscriber to receive or send an integrated communication consisting of mixtures of voice, data, image, and video information.

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fireburst (1)

This add on provides easy access to Fireburst Search, however, it does not give you Fireburst For Default, which will come later. Because of this, it does not add to your search engine list.

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CoolNovo Search (1)

This is CoolNovo search, it provides web, Software Albums Movies & TV and eBooks search. Also, it is powered by Google Search. The page is plain white, with some blue. You should try it, although there are many other search engines.

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Multi platoforme player.
Now firgive the unfound track from different music or video site.
Now build your playlist limitless of the music platforme you are using with Music On Browser.

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Gift Card Score - ScripSmart

The best way to find avoid gift card gotchas and find great gift cards.

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25 users

Real emotions for Gmail, Yahoomail and Hotmail.

Addon offers real human's emotions that can be added into email communication. Supports Gmail, Yahoomail and Hotmail. Watch this video to see how it works:

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