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Selenium IDE: FitNesse Formatters

FitNesse wiki language formatter for Selenium IDE

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97 users


Rapido accesso alle sezioni del forum di GamesVillage.

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50 users


Attaches a leak button to Facebook photos, allowing to leak them to website.

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12 users


Select text, right-click to open it as a link in a new tab, as an article in Wikipedia or to do an baidu...

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1 user


Enables plurk sounds without QuickTime plugin on Windows. Optionally it can play custom sound instead of the default *pinnggg* :)

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148 users

Statusus No Restart

Set your Facebook, Twitter etc. status by selecting a text on any page.

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3 users

Keep track on discount coupons for swedish stores. Automatically informs you when there's coupons available for the current site you're browsing.

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If you’d like to enslave it, it will help your posts not be deleted by the moderator or post anything as you like. You can choose to register or to be anonymous, when you post anything about the websites you viewed.

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Bon Reduc

Bon Reduc vous prévient si un bon de réduction est disponible chez le marchand que vous visitez.

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37 users

FireSwitch No Restart

This addon lists the status of some developer preference such as JavaScript, WebGL and Geolocation.
You must use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Alt + P" to display the panel.

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66 users

Movie Flix "Own It!"

Ever add a movie to your Netflix queue and then later find out you already own it? This extension places a "Own It!" button on the Netflix movie details page, and allows you to mark movies in Netflix that you own.

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107 users

Github Shortcuts

Add some basic navigation keyboard shortcuts to Github.

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17 users


All tabs including registered URL are closed.

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40 users

ReviNet Revify

Detect ReviNet ads on your web pages. See relevant information about them. Block inappropriate content.

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1 user

GuitarPlayer.Ru Guide

Quick and easy access to your favourite GuitarPlayer.Ru forum.

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65 users

Quorafox | Quora for Firefox

Use Quora from Firefox

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72 users

Mozmill Crowd

Execute a set of different UI tests for Firefox by using Mozmill. Test results are getting collected in our dashboard and can be used to identify existing bugs in Firefox.

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80 users


Track. Search. Social. Free website performance monitor.

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7 users

PicBox Uploader

With this addon you can mirror all pictures you like. You only have to click on a image with the right mousebutton and upload it to the picbox server. you also can resize it, share it on facebook or other webservices.

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26 users


Use Standard ML (PolyML) as a clientside programming language.

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2 users