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LDRカウンタ Requires Restart

Livedoor Readerの購読者数をステータスバーに表示します。

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LDS Mingle Toolbar Requires Restart

LDS Mingle helps LDS singles create and build meaningful relationships online. Find thousands of photos of LDS singles. Enjoy our chatrooms, instant messaging, photo gallery, and more. Join today to start searching over thousands of profiles of singl...

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LDS Toolbar Extension Requires Restart

(NO LONGER MAINTAINED)This toolbar add-on allows you to search LDS church content easily, as well as having multiple useful bookmarks to the media and scriptures on the www.lds.org website and other Mormon websites.

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LDV Generator Requires Restart

Dalla pagina "dettaglio della vendita" di eBay.it crea un box in grado di inviare i dati al software LDV Generator

From page "sales details" of eBay.it creates a box wich sends data to the software LDV Generator

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Le Buzz

Lors de votre navigation sur les sites marchands, l'extension Le Buzz - Offres Shopping vous fera faire des économies, en affichant automatiquement les codes promos disponibles et les produits similaires.

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Le Grand Firewall de Belgique

This extension simulates a firewall, censoring all contents related to the Niet Voor Alternatievelingen from the internet.

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Le Même en Mieux Compatible with Firefox 57+

Quand vous consultez un produit, vous êtes alerté des meilleures alternatives. Gratuit et sans pub, respecte votre vie privée.

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LeadDesk Compatible with Firefox 57+

A plugin that detects phone number for Lead Desk.

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Leading-SEO Requires Restart

It will search the particular Keyword on leading SEO site.

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League of Legends Champion Guides

An add-on to quickly access one of the most popular League of Legends guides websites.

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League of Legends Events

This is an Extension wich provides a list of upcoming League of Legends events.

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League of Legends Match History Fix

A fix for the internationalization file on the League of Legends match history page

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League of Legends(LoL) For New Tab Requires Restart

League of Legends(LoL) For New Tab is a new type of theme extension. It not only offers the basic of themes but also offers several features such as speed dial, cloud addition, and cloud backup to enhance the original New Tab function of Firefox.

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League Tails Extensions Compatible with Firefox 57+

Improve the user experience on League of Legends oficial websytes with League Tails features

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Leak Monitor Requires Restart

This extension pops up an alert dialog to warn chrome and extension developers about one particular type of leak. It warns when chrome windows close but leave other code pointing at their JavaScript...

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Lean Testing instant bug report

Use the Lean Testing extension to instantly take screenshots, make annotations and report bugs.

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Lean URL Compatible with Firefox 57+

Removes evil URL parameters such as Google Analytics' utm parameters

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LeanRabbook Reader 小说阅读器 Compatible with Firefox 57+

Auto Parser of Novel Pages


重整阅读页面,预加载后续内容, 可以试试快捷键';'翻页;



可简单记录阅读历史; 可定制解析关键字; 可定制解析附加脚本; 可定制阅读主题;


不支持更新检查; 不承诺支持所有网站;

仅此而已,其他问题可以试着 联系我

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Learn English in My Language

For Indian Students to learn English as spoken by phonetic transliteration

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Learn English Pronunciation Compatible with Firefox 57+

Learn English Pronunciation by listening to Real Life English. You can listen even in slow motion and spoken by about 25 different persons in 3 (4) different English Accents: American English, British English and Canadian English.

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