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Spreadsheet Calculator No Restart

This calculator works like an adding machine with a tape. Very easy to estimate and budget.The Spreadsheet Calculator will save you time because you don't have re key your entries when totaling long columns.Try it you'll like it. User friendly.

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imagemeri No Restart

Sube tus imágenes en dos simples pasos.

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Divel Updater

Descarga tus productos Divel desde aqui

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Search Bar Auto-Clean

Cleans text from the search box 3 seconds after performing the search.

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yaBeat - YouTube to MP3 No Restart

The yaBeat Firefox addon is a easy to use tool that allows you to convert videos from YouTube to a MP3 file - with one single click!

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ailejt No Restart

ailejt's first version firefix compenent.

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This add-on just saves the current page to a file and calls an external program (usually Mozilla Thunderbird) using command line arguments to open the mail composer window with the saved file as an attachment.

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Useful toolbar No Restart

Main pages that users use everyday, such as: Google, Facebook, Tuenti, Hotmail...

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Opens bookmarks sidebar when Firefox loads.

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KasKusMenu - Maintained by blogerch

KasKusMenu for easy navigate Kaskus, The Largest Indonesian Community.
Kaskus search for firefox can be found here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/157772

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Youtube Comment Blocker

Youtube Comment Blocker is an extension that hides comments and video responses.

Watch a short introduction video (1 minute):

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Armadillo Live!

Edit static content on the browser and save it!

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Pichost.de Bilderhosting

Das Addon ermöglicht dem Nutzer mit einem einfachen Rechtsklick Bilder von jeder Website auf www.pichost.de hochzuladen. Nach dem Upload werden BB-Code, HTML-Code, Direktlink usw. ausgeliefert.

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Wazzaaaaaaaaa! Support pour Lou

Merci a deviant

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Count Words No Restart

Counts words and characters and checks for copies in Google.

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Smart Refresh Button

Adds a toolbar button for re-render the page (without triggering cache reload).

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Shaiya DE Status-Check

Dieses Addon überprüft den Serverstatus (online/offline) der Shaiya-DE-Server. Es beinhaltet die Überwachung des Login-Servers und des Gameservers "Aurora".

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