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IM LinkBar

IM LinkBar is a toolbar that give quick access to all of the major search engines, social networks, Internet Marketing forums, TOP affiliate networks, major JV partnership sites, and all the TOP payment processors!

Stay Connected To The IM World!

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Add-on to get translation from Transvision – Mozilla translation database for all languages.

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99 users

AOL Mail Preview No Restart

Preview and access your AOL Mail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail all in one place.

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227 users

AOL Share This No Restart

Easily share sites via AOL Mail, Facebook or Twitter right from your browser.

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19 users

FuseDesk for Infusionsoft No Restart

FuseDesk's Help Desk and Ticketing System for Infusionsoft can now be used directly inside of your Infusionsoft Application. View and create new cases right on each Contact record without leaving Infusionsoft!

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SE Mail for Firefox

SE Mail Extension for Firefox.

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YouTube Persistent Video Container Background

Gives the Youtube Video Container a persistent background across videos and removes any image that Youtube adds on either/left side of the video. Static background colour is currently black.

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12 users

MR letöltő No Restart

Letöltés a Magyar Rádió archívumából (http://hangtar.radio.hu/)

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58 users

Radio Bunker No Restart

Simple link a la pagina de Radio Bunker.

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10 users

Github List Bugzilla Bugs No Restart

Add Bugzilla links to a Github compare view.

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66 users

Restore empty favicon

Restore empty favicon - restores empty placeholder on the tabs.
Empty favicon was removed in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=685059

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577 users


One Click Image Upload for ImageFolks.com

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60 users

YouTubeFrame No Restart

Video De Youtube en cualquier Tab

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BaiduTool No Restart


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Harakirimail No Restart

Just right click where you are in need of a Harakirimail (disposable email address), your inbox will open in a background tab.

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317 users

Air Pollution No Restart

Tento doplněk vám ukáže aktuální znečištění ovzduší v městech České Republiky.

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Myanmar fonts package No Restart

Myanmar fallback font for Firefox for Android

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297 users

Natural Swipe No Restart

Swipe up to go to the bottom of a page; swipe down to go to the top. Makes swipe gestures consistent with natural scrolling.

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MultiShare.cz MultiDownloader No Restart

Stahování z MultiShare.cz snadno a rychle přímo přes Váš prohlížeč. Po kliknutí na odkaz podporovaný naší službou budete dotázáni, zda soubor stáhnout přes MultiShare.cz. Pokud zvolíte ano, stahování se ihned spustí!

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Lick is the new Like No Restart

Change the Like button and icon on Facebook for the Lick button and icon.

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91 users