• macbird

    The clean look of Mac OS X Firebird 0.8 on your PC - includes UI elements and enhancements. Based on macfoxII by Kelly...
    43 users
    0 weekly downloads
  • Classic Winstripe update

    The orginal Winstripe from 0.9. Blast from the past updated for FF...
    36 users
    0 weekly downloads
  • HaikuFox

    HaikuFox provides matching OS integration to BeOS users or anyone who appreciates a simple, uncluttered browser appearance. For Firefox 2.0 only. Watch for a new Haiku theme for 3.0 in the future.
    123 users
    0 weekly downloads
  • PixelZilla

    A theme based on pixel art, which should not distract and pleasant to look...
    19 users
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