• Green Fox Lava

    Dark Green Theme for Firefox 4-20

    Web Tuts

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    3,865 users
  • Harley Davidson

    The Harley Davidson Theme!
    1,256 users
  • iFox

    A Simple and Clean theme for Mozilla Firefox.
    2,386 users
  • iFox Graphite

    Welcome to the Darkside.
    1,818 users
  • iFox Smooth

    A minimal, compact, elegant theme for firefox.
    2,333 users
  • iFox-Smaragd

    iFox theme with smaragd-green buttons and bars...
    187 users
  • In The Dark

    A theme created with simple shades of gray, designed to be simple and dark.
    1,916 users
  • iTunesFox

    iTunes for Firefox 3.5
    1,726 users
  • LavaFox V2

    LavaFox - A dark and hot theme for Firefox.
    Fully skinned and animated.
    82,768 users
  • LavaFox V2-Blue

    LavaFox - Blue version.
    A dark and hot theme for Firefox .
    Fully skinned and animated.
    40,298 users
  • LavaFox V2-Green

    LavaFox - Green version.
    A dark & Hot theme for Firefox.
    Fully skinned and animated.
    23,776 users
  • LavaFox V2-Purple

    LavaFox - Purple version.
    A dark and hot theme for Firefox.
    Fully skinned and animated.
    16,943 users
  • LCARStrek

    This one is a Star Trek theme, using the LCARS interface known of Federation Star Ships (heavily used in The Next Generation and Voyager series). It's got lot of rounded borders and hover (mouse-over) effects, be aware that it may look and feel...
    3,060 users
  • Leanfox

    Lean, mean and minimal Firefox Theme. Emphasis on content with minimal distractions. It's a power user's theme which integrates heavily with the Mac OS X window chrome and minimizes distractions of the browser UI.
    83 users
  • liquifox

    Liquifox theme for Firefox based on MicroFirefox by Alfred Kayser and iFox by Riz. Icons are colour-coded: RED=important, BLUE=navigation, BROWN=find & page content, PURPLE=tab/windows operations, GREEN=others, GREY=disabled (version...
    46 users
  • Littlefox for Firefox

    HOTFIX: is uploaded, awaiting review.
    LittleFox, designed for optimal screen usage, leaving lots of room for browsing. Includes support for many extensions.

    Install the About Home Themer extension to also theme the about:home page.
    14,228 users