Compact Efficient Interface Maximizes Screen Height Available for Page Content. ( UI wastes less vertical display space / usable window real estate )

by dabruro

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Zoom Page by DW-dev

Rated 5 out of 5 stars 157 reviews

88,239 users

Full featured zoom manager with independent page and image zoom modes. Choose from four zoom modes: Default Zoom, Fit-To-Width, Default Zoom + Site Specific or Fit-To-Width + Site Specific. Button style and zoom levels are fully configurable.
Collector's Note Suggested: Often you can fit more on the page by shrinking it (zooming out). Slightly simpler than NoSquint; also has a nice set of alternative zoom combo buttons for toolbar.

Tree Style Tab by Piro (piro_or)

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars 1,255 reviews

102,573 users

Show tabs like a tree.
Collector's Note Suggested: if you have enough screen width (e.g. a widescreen) you can use this to make a vertical tab bar along the left edge of the screen. You can also drag almost anything else onto the tab bar -- especially items that are wider than a single button. I just keep a sole navigation bar along the top of the screen for the address bar, althouth you *could* even put the address bar as the first item on this vertical tab bar, especially if you let the tab bar "auto-expand" in this extension's settings. Having a vertical tab bar also allows you to see dozen[s] of tab titles at once without scrolling them. You'll probably want some more "tab management" add-ons if you use so many tabs -- I like Tab Utilities by ithinc but I have to set it *also* to put the tab bar on the left or else it can become incompatible with Tree Style Tab by making the tabs themselves vertical and narrow side-by-side in the vertical tab bar.. A vertical tab bar may not be so space-efficient if you like to put several browser windows next to one another, since each will have its own vertical tab bar taking up some screen width. In this case I suggest unticking/clearing Firefox's Options-->Tabs-->Always show the tab bar, so any windows having a single tab won't show that tab bar at all (you can always show it by adding a second tab with Control-T). Alternatively, setting "auto-expand" in Tree Style Tab could help (I like auto-expand better than auto-hide because it gives you a bigger area that you can move the cursor into to activate it). I really like the "tree" aspect of this addon, which means when you open a link in a new tab the new tab appears indented under the current tab -- it's easier to understand this when you try it than when I try to explain it.

All-in-One Sidebar by Ingo Wennemaring

Rated 5 out of 5 stars 1,452 reviews

149,372 users

AiOS lets you open various windows as sidebar panels, and quickly switch between them. So it put an end to the window chaos! In addition to bookmarks and history it opens dialogues such as downloads, add-ons and more in the sidebar.
Collector's Note I've used this mainly for its toolbar, as a heavyweight alternative to Vertical Toolbar.

Status-4-Evar by Sparky Bluefang

Rated 5 out of 5 stars 494 reviews

126,387 users

Status bar widgets and progress indicators for Firefox 4+
Collector's Note ! One of the 5 Core Add-ons of this Collection: This extension lets you display the Link and/or Status text in the Address Bar (right-hand side). This avoids the coverup of content area when they pop up at the bottom of the page normally. When the page is done loading and you aren't hovering over a link, the entire address bar is again available to display the URL and what ever else it's being used for by the other add-ons. Alternatively you can move the Link or Status text back into the Add-On bar where it used to be (hence calling it the Status Bar); then you could use the url-addon-bar extension to move all of it together into the address bar, but I find it works better to let Status-4-Evar put the things directly into the address bar itself. Also can add a background (zero footprint) page load progress bar to the address bar, Safari-style. BTW, the functionality of this add-on is built into the Pale Moon browser, a Firefox variant.

Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar by Someone free

Rated 4 out of 5 stars 284 reviews

53,588 users

Make your bookmarks bar better. Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar can: hide bookmarks/folders name(dock like), multirow, autohide and many another features(more than 20).
Customize your bookmarks bar using one add-on.
Collector's Note Optional: I don't seem to need this add-on anymore, although I'm not sure what changed. Now I just Customize and drag my "Bookmarks" object from my Bookmarks Bar to my Vertical Toolbar and I get icons-only there without using Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar. BTW, I like to put bookmarklets (google it) on my bookmarks bar, and I now use Bookmark Favicon Changer to assign icons to these so I can distinguish them on my toolbar without text labels. Here are my older notes: "This add-on can show just an icon for each bookmark in the bookmarks toolbar (can show the name when you hover over, though in a strange, non-tooltip way). I use it and I move my bookmarks from my Bookmarks Bar into my vertical Tab Bar (or elsewhere) and have Roomy wrap them into multiple lines (using Fixed Height). If you're going to show icons-only for bookmarks, you might want to be able to set the missing/generic favicons for sites that don't have them -- for this you could use Bookmark Favicon Changer (or Favicon Picker 2 which I haven't tried); or what I do is use IdentFavicon to automatically give each faviconless site a favicon before I even bookmark the site."

Hide Caption Titlebar Plus by Javier "DarthMadara"

Rated 5 out of 5 stars 417 reviews

29,823 users

"Maximize your screen space by adjusting Firefox window TitleBar, borders, Tabs, Toolbars, etc!", with 'smart' options, *optional* custom caption & resizers.  
Multiple Configurable Actions for both screen-corner buttons: Firefox & Close buttons!
Collector's Note For non-Windows systems this replaces 2 of the 5 Core Add-ons of this Collection (Personal Titlebar and its necessitated Compact Menu 2). For Windows it's an optional (more complex but capable) alternative. This add-on takes the opposite approach to Personal Titlebar by hiding the titlebar but putting the "Firefox" app. main home button (optionally shrunken as narrow as "F" as an alternative to Movable Firefox Button or UI Fixer) and minimize/maximize/close window button trio onto the navigation bar (the toolbar containing the address bar). You can also have it show a "floating" main menu and web page title when you hover on the Firefox button. You can also set a smaller toolbar and tab bar height and adjust "top edge margin position" to make it as slim as you want up there. On non-Windows platforms it can replace the native minimize/restore/close with its own smaller, auto-hiding version. The problem with hiding the titlebar is there's nothing to grab and drag, so it provides special drag areas that you can put there, and it also makes the unused area of the tab bar click-and-dragable.

Omnibar by Ajit K

Rated 4 out of 5 stars 431 reviews

22,261 users

Integrates location bar and search bar into one. Shows search and url suggestions. Quickly switch search engine using search keywords. Provides different auto-complete popup styles for compact displays.
Collector's Note ! One of the 5 Core Add-ons of this Collection: This extension eliminates the need for the separate search bar by integrating it into the address bar. Firefox already does this only to a very limited extent -- with this extension you get the full search bar functionality such as autocomplete suggestions from the search engine etc. The only downside I've noticed is that you can't easily retreive the search terms you just entered within this bar. You have to do so in the searchbox within the search engine's own page.

NoSquint by Jason Tackaberry

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars 473 reviews

162,798 users

NoSquint is no longer maintained. :(
Collector's Note Optional: a more sophisticated alternative to Zoom Page: Often you can fit more on the page by shrinking it (zooming out). Even more so with this add-on because you can change the text to any size while you still have any overall page zoom. Firefox natively (and other add-ons) only allow you to have a custom overall page zoom or a custom text-only zoom, but not both simultaneously. See my review

Vertical Toolbar by Gomita

Rated 4 out of 5 stars 206 reviews

7,886 users

Adds a vertical toolbar at the edge of the window.
Collector's Note Suggested: if you want to move your buttons to a vertical toolbar along the left edge of your screen. You can even drag "Open a new tab" and "List all tabs" from the end of the tab bar onto here. You won't want to put any "wide" items on the vertical bar though. With this, you might need *only* the tab bar along the top, if you drag the address bar and everything else onto the tab bar.

Compact Menu 2 by Milly

Add a compact menu button to the navigation toolbar, and hide the menu bar.
Collector's Note [Update: this addon breaks the ability to edit a bookmark while adding it (blocks the pop-up dialog)! See my review of it on 24 Jan 2013.] ! One of the 5 Core Add-ons of this Collection (or at least when using Personal Titlebar which is Windows-only): You'll probably need this in order to restore access to the legacy menus if you use Personal Titlebar and move those menus off of the Menu Bar in order not to display them full-time. Compact Menu 2 puts the legacy menus as submenus of a new "Menu" item within the Firefox main app button's own dropdown. The usual keyboard shortcuts will work (such as Alt+T for Tools menu). BTW, this wouldn't be necessary if Firefox itself would (please) make all the "legacy" menu commands available through the single main Firefox app button instead of having to use a hodge-podge of both menu systems (there are some other add-ons that try to add back some of the other functions from Tools and other legacy menus into the main firefox app button).

Bookmarks menu by hatdio

Rated 4 out of 5 stars 108 reviews

3,727 users

View your bookmarks in a toolbar button menu

URL Tooltip by Tim Tate

Rated 5 out of 5 stars 57 reviews

4,483 users

Display URL in hyperlink tooltips.
Collector's Note Optional: You can use this to show the target of a link as a tooltip (just below the link you're pointing at) rather than always having this pop up at the bottom of the screen and rather than showing it in the add-on bar or in the location bar using Status-4-Evar. I only tried it briefly. Alternatively you can try Geolocation Plugin which optionally shows the URL in a tooltip as well.

Hide BookmarksBar by Felix Kloft

Rated 4 out of 5 stars 108 reviews

5,461 users

Hides and shows the bookmarks toolbar.

Tiny Menu by Anthony Lieuallen

Rated 4 out of 5 stars 296 reviews

5,053 users

Replace the standard menu bar with a tiny menu popup.
Collector's Note Reduces the "footprint" of the legacy menus on their toolbar. It can put small icons for each legacy menu (File, Edit, etc) on the toolbar. This is useful if you want to display these menus all the time, or if you've lost your Alt key for the legacy menus due to dragging the menus off the menubar (e.g. using UI Fixer). In Click on the button to the right of each menu name in this add-on's options -- you have to supply your own images for the icons, but you could use screenshots of existing icons. Using the checkboxes you can have some of the menus appear as submenus of a single "Menu" item, which can have its own icon. Alternatively, you could completely hide some of the individual legacy menus if you're using Personal Titlebar. An alternative is Menu Mod.

url-addon-bar by zbinlin

Rated 4 out of 5 stars 65 reviews

1,610 users

the addon-bar into url-bar
Collector's Note ! One of the 5 Core Add-ons of this Collection: This extension lets you move the contents of the Add-On Bar inside the Address Bar (at the right hand end). You can drag any buttons etc. to the Add-On bar (which will go back down to the bottom while you use "Customize") that you want to display in this way so they don't take up space separately on the toolbar. This will all get covered up temporarily by the Link and/or Status if you display these here as well using Status-4-Evar, so don't put anything there that you need to see or use to while a page is still loading.
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