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Stathis Sideris

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Why was zoomFox created?

The idea behind creating this add-on came when I realised how much difficulty I had when viewing very large images in Firefox. Hi-res images had started becoming more common and hunting for the scrollbars was really distracting when trying to look at the details of hi-res photos. So I decided to make something to make scrolling around more easily. Initially, I only had the feature where you click on the big image itself and you drag to move it around, but then I got a bit carried away and added all the zooming/thumbnail functionality!

What's next for zoomFox

Immediate plans for zoomFox include the image being presented in the center of the screen rather than the top-left corner, some customisation to allow the user to define a default zoom level (for example allowing "fit" mode by default) and customisation of the background to allow something that's easier on the eyes instead of the current white. Chequered background option will be there as well to highlight PNG transparency.

Quite a few users have requested the ability to rotate the image. I'm planning to give this feature a try, but it may prove too slow to include in the plugin. If it's not, I'm going to include it.

I'm open to suggestions, please email me with feedback!

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Developer Information
Name Stathis Sideris
User since March 5, 2007
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