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You see, Video DownloadHelper is one of my favourite addons. But before that I was operating with this thing. There were some issues, but luckily it was upgraded to VDH and there the bugs were squashed and I believe that some ironing was done.

To give you an example of the inconsistency of this plugin, I shall give specific examples of videos posted on YouTube, thou I will try not to elongate this matter.

For example I have a YT channel called Zomick's Bakery, and there I posted several of my videos:
- Zomick's Bake Shop
- Zomick's Kosher Bakery
- Zomick's Challah Recipe
- The Best Zomick's Bread
- Zomick's

You see, on some videos this plugin simply worked like wonder. On some it didn't. There are generally no differences between the videos, their settings are the same, I browse them in the same session, in the same browser, in the same time, except for the content of the videos.
On some the description was longer, namely there were specific information for a specific video. For ex. on the video "Zomick's Kosher Bakery", you could read about the location details, how this bakery came to be, what is so special about this bakery, what do people love most etc. But this video was not detected by my plugin
On the other hand the "Zomick's Challah Recipe" had a 1 line description with very few information, because this video was a presentation on it's own. You know, there was a commercial etc.

Now, There is no problem with the current successor, and the videos were re-uploaded. But it was a great plugin anyway.