needs work Rated 3 out of 5 stars

YTC is one of the best scripts out there for YT as far as its feature set, but it hasn't worked right for me in quite a while (at least the last several versions)

issue 1: whenever i load a video on youtube, i have to click the play button twice before it plays - the 1st time a screen cap loads and it starts buffering, but in about a second it's black again and the play button has to be clicked again

issue 2: i can NOT get a youtube page to load with the video resolution at HD/720 - it always loads at low res and then if i go full-screen, the video stops and re-bufferes as it changes to hi-res, then continues to play

i reported #1 on github, but not #2 - sorry - lazy :)

2.1.0 on FF 26.x/27.x and win 7