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Nevermind I moved to Opera where I can do this and still use all of my greasemonkey scripts/userscripts and add-ons! xD

My Youtube videos play on top of all my other tabs 24/7 with no embedded video is not allowed errors either.

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Sense this is suppose to be a permanent way to watch youtube videos if people choose can you have it support firefox addons and greasemonkey scripts please ?

That way the youtube videos are always at the best quality. It would be better this way I think so you don't have to make sure to fix it often when youtube breaks again with auto high quality. Unless of course you don't mind. It would still be better having it support firefox addons and greasemonkey scripts though.

One more thing some videos come up with a error message like embed video not supported. Is there anyway you can make youpop get around this please ?