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I think somebody with half of his brain well-running can't say YesScript is better than NoScript : I will explain myself :
With YesScript you have a blacklist , so when the user when goes on a website identified as bad or dangerous and see it's dangerous he's very glad to say " Thanks to YesScript I avoided a Bad thing ! " . Now all of you , imagine that this same user goes on a bad website not identified by YesScript , it's very probable (porn , hack ... ) because a blacklist can't be full (think nowadays the number of websites existing over the world ! xD) . So , to return to his case , the user will think " Yeah ! it's a safe hacking (for example ) site ! Hahaha I'm the master of the world " : he will enter in this site , won't he ?
That's the main failure of this addon , whereas , if you're visiting the same site with NoScript , and you see (for example ) 15 javascript blocked , the page will probably (95% of cases ) open without them , so the user will conclude : " it's a bad sirte , I've to be careful ! What I wanna do , is it really more imortant than my safety : it will depend of the cases , the users' experience (see WOT addon ) and ....
What's more , with a weak or 2 of experience , I think a user can easily difference bad javascripts (which begin by adsomething , doubleclick .com , or advertisingstuff .com or else ...) and Noscript configured won't ask you for what to do in secure sites anymore !

So any , To concludfe with , Does anyone with half a brain can say yesCript is better in security than NoScript ?? ( It was a nice tale , wasn't it ?)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.5).