Will be switching email providers Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I used yahoo toolbar for years til this updateI do NOT like the new "look" and hate the icons such as the one for youtube- is now just a red box with a white arrow going right direction in it.

What was wrong with the old one that said youtube and looked like youtube?????
And this toolbar....off the phone with a yahoo "customer service person" who could not help but was very nice- I lost about 30 custom app buttons I had on the toolbar and have done research online about this and there many others (you can see this as an example on the yahoo answers as this is happening for others as well)

This all happened after their latest updating to the "new & improved", won't say what rather put in here as involves cuss words.

I will be transferring my bookmarks and all else- will take long time as I have had account for many years but will get it done little at a time (as far as bookmarks- I have literally hundreds of bookmarks from over the years and I do use them plus yahoo folders and such- all need get to new email provider as this is the last straw and I am fed up.

Have waited as is daunting to movie everything over but I am so fed up
Have done new custom apps for now only to still have them not save (never any trouble before) and this is in multiple browsers and uninstalling and installing many earlier version of the toolbar- also uninstalled and re-installed browsers to rule that out.

All same result. Is not my browser settings- just so is ruled out And the "Visicom Coupons" app in the toolbar will NOT delete no matter what I do and I am fed up with all of this

Yahoo has slowly been becoming and is now become what I call "Corporate" or 'Big Company" and I shy away quick from that in anything I do, buy, ect. and have a gem of a much lessor know provider to go to (I refuse gmail, msn, aol and the other "Big Company / Corporate" ) but I have a choice and chose to not participate in this any longer due to not wanting to move all the yahoo settings

May edit and add more but wanted to say what I said and thank you for reading and not meaning offend anyone who swears by this toolbar nor the developer which I suspect is a Big Company of ppl by now as far as yahoo

To you, the reader- Have a wonderful day ♥

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