Rated 2 out of 5 stars

It's very useful, but it has some serious flaws.
I'm here to provide some constructive criticism, because I want the author to continue it's development, since I found a lot of potential in the very concept of this tool.
But if you want to read about the good things this add-on can already bring to your life, then read the other reviews, there are plenty of those.

After having used this add-on for some time, I can enumerate a series of problems I found.

1st, the add-on keeps signing in and checking for mail even if the Enabled option in the popup menu is unchecked. OK, I know this is a bug, but I'm not reporting it here, I'm just making any potential user aware of this flaw that has been there since some time and seems not to be fixed soon.

2nd, it does not allow to specify a port number for POP3 and IMAP accounts. This is very important, from the basics; if you are using this kind of tool, is because you have lot's of email addresses, and you can't expect all of them to be on plain vanilla servers.

3rd, GMail accounts remain logged-in after having checked for mail, so if you are signed in with one account, and then the add-on checks mail from another Google Account, you would then be signed into the second account, and sometimes this can be very annoying while browsing through several other Google sites. Maybe this is a problem with Google Accounts, but one can expect this to happen.

However, it is very useful if you have to check email from multiple accounts. But I recommend manually enabling and disabling the add-on to perform a batch-check on all accounts, and then disable it to avoid the issues mentioned above.

I give it a 2 stars now, until some of these annoyances disappear.

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Thank you for the long report but this place is not for bug report as I said above.
and they are not true.
1. It works in my PC and many other users.
2. You have it. You can find it in WMN-forum.
3. You can use multiple login feature to avoid it.

If you have further question, please use WMN-forum.