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I'm not sure if you guys have thought of this already but here is an idea I thought of. Since the main problem that people complain about is people being able to abuse this add on and possibly rate a bad site good and a good site bad on purpose, maybe you can make it where once a person rates a site they also HAVE to leave a comment there. Once they leave a comment saying that the website either has malware, it's a fake site, bad customer experience or whatever, the people at WOT can go to the site themselves and make sure that that is an accurate description of the site, and also WOT can give their own rating of the site.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (20110704.1-signed). 

re: here's an idea

Thanks for the suggestion. We have thought of making comments obligatory when leaving a rating but have not implemented this because it would slow down user's rating process too much. Note that as a service provider we compute the reputation ratings from users' ratings but are not in a position to determine the validity of users' ratings or comments. We do remove comments that contain spam, profanities or illegal material when they are reported us. If you believe a website is misrated please consider these steps: