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I've been using FlagFox forever, but the author is now a jerk about being able to set the position of the flag. lol So I came back to WorldIP, having tried it before. It is a nice alternative, I just recommend making the tooltip info customizable like the statusbar info is (especially since there is no "statusbar" anymore in FF 4). For example, I would like the city in the tooltip too, and not the AS and less-useful info. Also, in the tooltip, it would be cool to show the flag and country big next to the WorldIP icon (or instead of that).

I seem to have an issue with WorldIP sometimes showing localhost (and no flag) for many sites, such as for (If it matters, I do not use any proxy and do not have that special dns lookup setting enabled.) Also, clicking the flag does nothing, and right-clicking the flag does not display a menu (but I do hear my menu event sound occur).

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