X-MARKS SYNC Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Great Add-on; invaluable for highlighting information over a wide range of websites, and on a variety of different topics that can be categorized by the color of the highlight, and even more invaluable, being able to search for things by any keyword that pops into mind...that part I love!

By the way, the ability to search ALL data fields is great! The lack of this capability in Mozilla bookmarks drives me crazy! The fact that only the name filed is indexed in Mozilla bookmarks, but not the description field is really stupid. Usually the important keywords you use in a search are in the description field not the name field, yet Mozilla does not index that field!!!??? Maybe you guys could make an add-on that would do that!! Please??, Please?? :)

The one thing that is lacking in WIRED MARKER however is TRUE syncing. The syncing solution described on your website is not a true syncing solution since it really is just manually copying the data file from one computer to the other, with all the perils and inconveniences that make true syncing a much more desirable solution.

I think there is a simple way to make this work with X-Marks ... I use another add-on that also uses sqlite called QuickFox Notes, and it syncs with Xmarks simply by linking the local data file to a bookmark file/folder so that Xmarks can see it. I'm no programmer, but how hard could it be for you to do that? If it could TRULY sync, and do it with the simple click of the X-Marks button, this would be a 5-star add-on for sure!

Though not a big deal, the other thing I think could be improved is to make right-click functions easier & faster by doing away with the TWO submenus (Wired Marker>Marker>Markers). Maybe there already is a way to configure it but your preference GUI is a bit confusing to me. ALl I know is that it would be a lot quicker if there was just one submenu to navigate through instead of two, and on a small laptop, it's a real pain to carefully move the cursor through the two submenus without having it close out and having to re-right-click...you know what I'm saying? When you are highlighting information, you want to be moving fast!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.0.11120600.1-signed.1-signed).