Rated 1 out of 5 stars

A promising extension, but I could not use it because it does not work on small screens. The dialog popups are always partly off-screen, and they're unresizable. The options dialog breaks out into its own window instead of staying in a tab, and most of the time there's no draggable titlebar either. It takes a lot of effort to defeat HTML's natural flexibility, and modern usefulness of tabs.


If you could get it to display a draggable titlebar, along with the ability to resize it, then I can move it to be on-screen, and resize it to fit. Giving scrollbars when I resize it smaller than you intend for it to be would allow it to fit in any screen. When that much works, then I can try this again.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Work is underway to better account for small resolutions. This is a technical challenge, since the resources in question are not standard HTML, and the information being displayed is quite vast.

The Options Dialog is XUL, not HTML, and for the time being needs to be within it's own window, not within a tab. As for the dialogs, most of the dialogs are IFRAME elements in order to prevent the host page from accessing the data. Sizing and moving those dialogs based on host window-size and page content is very tricky.

I assure you that no effort was put forth "to defeat HTML's natural flexibility, and modern usefulness of tabs" -- quite the opposite has occurred, but unfortunately it is not so simple to create an extension code-base that is compatible with 3 browsers on 3 different operating system that handles every part of the UI as the user would expect.

If you are having issues with the user interface, I would urge you to get in contact with support to open a bug report, or suggest ideas to make the interface more usable.

In the meantime, this extension is BETA and is actively being improved. I ask that you have patience with the progress as changes take a lot of time to develop and adequately test.