Practically Useless Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This addon is a nice idea and seems well made inasmuch as it can do. However, I am uninstalling it because it is practically useless; most families aren't trying to web filter themselves or tiny innocents who need constant supervision anyway--they are trying to keep older kids out of trouble!

So I wish that there were some simple password protected configuration options for a multiuser sytem. Then this, perhaps, could be a secure family filtering solution on Linux, where a password is required to install any web browser besides firefox. But even then, filtering addons to firefox don't seem much use; can't they be bypassed by any user just by starting firefox in safe mode?

Sorry to give this such a low rating; I'm thankful for and impressed by the effort. What would really benefit families, though, is a free, effective, and straightforward content filtering program for Linux--one that could have different settings for different user accounts.

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