Best addons Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Adblock Plus(Limited my Data usage)
Foxtab:(Easy & Stylish browsing)
Last pass:(Stopped hitting my keypad oftenly)
Screen capture Elite:(User friendly)
Save images by lumox:(Saves my time)
Firefox addons saves my time as money.. So of-course i am Happy.

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My Top 5 add on’s list Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Firefox is my favorite default browser always, Here to say about My Top 5 add on’s list

1.Adblock Plus:
Feature: Blocks Advertisements, Popups,
Benefit : Saves my time and limits my data usage by advertisements
Feature: 3D tab, Multiple options for changing appearance,size,colour and etc.
Benefit: Easy browsing, Better look for my browser, Flash appearance of tabs.
3.Last pass:
Feature: Add site,secure note, fillforms, Uploading enteries to main account,Password generator.
Benefit: Autofilling of passwords and username, Auto Form fills helps me when creating new accounts, Secure notes helps me to save the notes. No worry about my usename/password anytime and anywhere.
4.Screen capture Elite:
Feature: Screen capture options, Hotkeys
Benefit: Helps me not to save the whole page for a small data which i required from a site. I used the captures to create the portfolio for my blog and presentations.
5.Save images by lumox:
Feature: Image downloader,File size filter, Image selection,
Benefit: Multiple image saving and time saving tool.
Other than my Top 5, Mainly i use Bookmark tool which is inbuilt with Firefox and its very user friendly.
For the appearance of Firefox maximum i tried all Themes which is highly rated and downloaded.But nothing changes the performance of brower.. Thats the reason why i stick with Firefox as my favorite.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (