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I couldn't wait for the update anymore,so i decided to do it myself.If anyone here would like to have this theme that works with FF3.5.This is what i did.1st i downloaded the theme using IE [as u know ff won't allow u to d/l coz the theme is for older version].The theme file came in as an extention fx [java],exract it by using winrar or winzip.You will see 2 rdf files named install and content Open the install rdf file by using notepad and edit from this
to this
save and close the file now.Go back to the fx file and open with winrar browser.Drag & drop the install rdf u just edited to replace the original install rdf.Open FF add on theme now,drag & drop the fx to install.Restart FF,U will again see this theme u love.If this is too complicated for u.You may download the fx file fr this link
All uve to do now is just drop & drag the file to FF addon themes and install it.