Free from *all* spyware? Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I would like a developer of this add-on to say - clearly and completely - the details of how this add-on keeps and/or stores data and/or phones home that data.

Why I'm starting this "thread"...

1) The "About this Add-on" sections has zero mentions on security and privacy.

2) As far as I know - the add-on doesn't have a forum. And forums are such a good thing because they are available to anybody and are a record of what people said. If a forum existed - I would have started this thread there.

3) I'm starting this thread in light of the Carrier IQ news. I have no knowledge of this being a bad/naughty add-on - I'd like the developers to confirm how it behaves.


Now that the developers have responded - I wish I could give them -5 stars.

Look at their "response".

1) Does this add-on violate privacy? The situation doesn't look good. I gave them a chance to explain - and as I expected - they avoided the issue. It's been my experience that rude developers treat their users (very) poorly.

2) They were smarmy. I didn't "forget" anything. I used the support link and learned it's a voice-mail-like system. I left the site.

3) I bet $1,000,000 internet dollars that they will not update their "About this Add-on" and "Developer's Info" to include a forum link. It seems to me they don't want people asking too many questions.

It's the developers job to provide adequate info. It's not the job of somebody to play hunt-and-seek for privacy info on add-ons that may or may not exist. And "may not" is key. Who wants to do that? I sure don't.

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The AMO interface is not the place for "starting a thread". If you didn't find a forum for DownloadHelper, it's probably because you "forgot" to look for it: