Just what I was looking for! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have an older smaller monitor -- too small, really, but I can ill-afford to replace it, so it will have to do. I therefore really don't like having to use up any of my valuable screen real estate on the status bar. Unfortunately, there are a number of situations in which I really do feel the need to be able to see quickly and at a glance where a page's links lead -- when dealing with people I don't entirely trust, for example, or when designing a website, to make sure that I've made no errors (which alas!, because I am an appallingly sloppy typist, I often do). These are the *only* times I bother with the status bar, and I have always vaguely resented being forced to do so. It does seem a lot of space for that one tiny piece of information.This add-on was *precisely* what I came here looking for, and it works just as advertised. I have not experienced the problems others have reported with the tool-tip text lingering too long. For me (also on Firefox 3.6.12, and in Ubuntu Linux 8.04), it goes away promptly once I've moved the cursor. I also appreciated being given the option to customize the font size of the text, and whether or not it should wrap. These are very small things, yes, but they show an attention to detail and a kind of consideration for the user that I appreciated.Thank you for writing this.

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