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Hi POCUK, the source "original" (the home website) is dead. In
http://page2rss.com/page?url=www.unmht.org/unmht/en_index.html you find a last mirror of the
"original" website, however, no downloads functionals here.

If you do not trust my uploadings, you always can download stored version (5.6.9) in the Mozilla servers, choosing "Continue to Download", and posteriorly, "Save as". However, its necesary patch it if you wish functionality in FF.

With respect to the problems with MHT in MAF addon, i emphatically suggest to you test .maff file format, is precise, economic (both, ram memory and disc), and compatible (its a zip!).

----------Original Post:
Home website is apparently death (several months).
I modded last version (5.6.14) to FFmaxVersion = 8.9
Tested OK in FF6 stable, FF7 beta 2, and FF8 (aka. Aurora) alfa 2.
Thanks to passerby for finding the last version.

Guys, consider an alternative project with life as MAFF (also supports MHT).

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