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Unicode Input Tool/Converter Version History

21 versions

Be careful with old versions!

These versions are displayed for reference and testing purposes. You should always use the latest version of an add-on.

Version 2.7.1-signed.1-signed 702.6 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 56.*

    Changes to 2.7
  • Updated UI and UnicodeData.txt database to ensure all non-Unihan Unicode 6.0.0 and scripts present, as well as
    updated remote SQLite Unihan to 6.0.0, requiring a new download internal to the app (optional).

  • Allow character encoding conversions

  • Allow insertion of XML Entity Definition entity sets

  • Fixed "Other, Not Assigned" category (within specialized search) to return its actual data

  • Ensure blanking out meta-data when hovering on non-characters

  • Added locale sv-SE (thanks Mikael Hiort af Ornäs!)

  • Updated to Firefox 4.0.*

  • Added appeal for a world auxiliary language to the About tab

Version 2.6.8 853.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 4.0b3

Changes to 2.6.8
Added support for in-place conversions when using the context menu on
highlighted or non-highlighted content inside textareas or input type=text.
Conversions/display can now be performed on text inside of a right-clicked link.
Update to work in FF4.0b3

Version 2.6.7 852.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 4.0b1

Changes to 2.6.7
Fix formatting for FF 4.0b1 and update to work in FF4.0b1

Version 2.6.6 851.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

Changes to 2.6.6
Very minor corrections to naming in chart (and added back high private surrogate though not shown at and does not have PDF keyed by its range)
Some code-cleanup (and preparation for planned in-place textbox conversions)

Version 2.6.5 850.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

// Changes to 2.6.5
// Added choice for font (and moved "lang" along with it)
// Changed default preference values (avoid converting &+space to & and avoid showing complex options by default)

Version 2.6.4 850.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

// Changes to 2.6.4
// Small fix to ensure opening from options dialog allows refreshing of main toolbar

// Changes to 2.6.3
// Added support for adding characters in output box to pull-down menu of extension's toolbar icon;
// right-click to delete an item (since key commands don't work in toolbars)
// Allowed x-unicode protocol to work with links typed directly in the URL bar

Version 2.6.2 847.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

// Changes to 2.6.2
// Added updated pt-BR locale

// Changes to 2.6.2b3
// Added support for custom protocol:
// 1) command to search within a CJK character definition; use the pattern "x-unicode:?searchkDefinition;string=" in
// HTML links to trigger the extension opening with your character!
// 2) Added updated hu-HU locale

// Changes to 2.6.2b2
// Added support for custom protocol:
// 1) command to find character in chart; use the pattern "x-unicode:?find;char=" in HTML links to trigger the extension
// opening with your character!
// 2) command to search for a character by name; use the pattern "x-unicode:?searchName;string=" in HTML links to trigger the
// extension opening with your character!
// Protocol is not a permanent one, so only use with the understanding that if it is ever standardized, it would change at
// least its protocol name and probably the formation of the rest of the query; if you plan to add server-side support,
// you should at least store the query components in variables so they can be changed later if it becomes a standard
// (or also if I decide I need to change the custom protocol syntax myself)

// Changes to 2.6.2b1
// Major changes to layout to ensure greater visibility and flexibility across all resolutions
// Fixed all splitters to persist
// Enable full size in display of search menus (within overflow)
// Moved help notes from readme to the user interface

// Changes to 2.6.1
// Added 'lang' attribute selection for chart view
// Fix: Remembers the last selected character again
// Fix: Most splitters should now better persist position

// Changes to 2.6
// Allowed conversions to and from JavaScript and PHP-style 6-digit escape, CSS escape, and PHP-style character escape
// Updated chart, including adding new Unicode language groups (though not yet supported in Unicode character descriptions
// database): Bamum; Egyptian Hieroglyphs; Aramaic, Imperial; Avestan; Old South Arabian; Pahlavi, Inscriptional;
// Parthian, Inscriptional; Samaritan; Old Turkic; Devanagari Extended; Kaithi; Meetei Mayek; Vedic Extensions; Javanese;
// Myanmar Extended-A; Tai Tham; Tai Viet; CJK Ideographs Ext. C; Lisu; Hangul Jamo Extended-A, Hangul Jamo Extended-B;
// UCAS Extended; Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement; Enclosed Ideographic Supplement; Additional Squared Symbols;
// Common Indic Number Forms; Rumi Numeral Symbols
// Added preference to set initial tab for key command and toolbar button
// Allowed key command or toolbar button to use currently highlighted text
// Fix: Triggering from options in Addons now works again
// Added new pt-BR localization (Edgard Dias Magalhães) and updated Hungarian (Karoly Fabricz)

Version 2.5.9 713.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

// Changes to 2.5.9
// Removed option to allow upper-case 'X' in hex char. references, since not permitted in XML

// Changes to 2.5.8
// Added support for Korean Jamo character short names and Hangul syllable names in generated character descriptions

Version 2.5.7 718.0 KiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.5.*

// Changes to 2.5.7
// Fixed display when option to place target in the middle is on
// Code clean-up, removed console warnings

Version 2.5.6 718.0 KiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.5.*

// Changes to 2.5.6
// Added button to open window and image to menu bar; removed flex on one menu

Version 2.5.5 717.0 KiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.5.*

// Changes to 2.5.5
// Slight changes made in hopes of fixing screen height problem for some users
// Placed LGPL text in each file and included license

// Changes to 2.5.4
// Added tooltip to explain how to freeze character descriptions;
// (internally, some minor code shortening)

Version 2.5.3 698.0 KiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.1b2

// Changes to 2.5.3
// Improved layout flexibility

// Changes to 2.5.2
// Small Hungarian localization change

// Changes to 2.5.1
// Added FF3.1b2 support
// Error reporting when Unihan not installed
// Removed outdated (and large) Unihan.txt file
// Known issue: Hangul/Jamo characters

// Changes to 2.5
// Conversions/character recognition:
// Bug: Fixed conversion of higher plane Unicode to give (single) character reference entity instead of surrogate pair (rarely used and conversion would still be safe)
// Bug: Fixed chart display when higher plane characters were given for input
// Bug: Now displays surrogate characters instead of replacement character, shows combining diacritics as
// was only possible previously by using the buttons, and probably makes visible other previously
// invisible characters
// Feature: Added option to convert higher plane Unicode into surrogate pairs (for higher plane characters)
// Character descriptions:
// Bug: Fixed plane display within links that had them (higher planes were sometimes off)
// Bug: Get all Unihan descriptions where available
// Feature: Searching of character descriptions is now done through Firefox's built-in SQLite database(much faster than before)
// Feature: Added separate numeric plane display for all characters
// Feature: Added reserved noncharacters, surrogates, and private use to individual character display
// Feature: Added option to download Unihan database after initial installation
// Update: Updated Unicode descriptions to 5.1
// Interface:
// Feature: Added meta field search and meta field display with option to hide unused metadata
// Feature: Added character image display option
// Feature: Added copy-to-clipboard
// Bug: Tab switching
// Update: Updated to new items and organization of regional/type and symbol groupings
// Usability: Allowed character selection to not require tab/return, but be live
// Usability: Added disabling of "only ents" when other fields used
// Usability: Added shift-alt-u to open dialog
// Usability: Changes row/column resize buttons to splitter
// Usability: Moved configuration/selection to left side of chart to allow for longer chart view
// Usability: Let font-size changes affect output text as well as chart text
// Usability: Shortened wide link for fullwidth/halfwidths
// Usability: "Show only ents" to avoid tabbing into the area accidentally
// Usability: Allowed window to be minimizable
// Display: added 'entities' to heading when enabled
// Localization: Hungarian changes from Dr. Karoly Fabricz

Version 2.1.3 1003.0 KiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.1b1

// Changes to 2.1.3
// Fixed to allow a few character ranges (a few math symbols and one CJK ext.) to have their character descriptions and PDF link show up that weren't showing before
// Fixed CJK Ideograph Extension B to search the Unihan file (though many of these were only made available in a 27MB file not included (see below))
// Updated Unicode data files except for Unihan (those who need this updated could update by placing the Unihan.txt file from
// into this "charrefunicode" extension's 'data' folder, but Unihan.txt is now
// 27MB and is a bit flaky with local Ajax description display (probably since the file is so large), so you still might want to stick with
// the old file until such time as I might be able to get it all to work in FF's database)
// Localization: Made a few error strings localizable and
// added Hungarian changes from Dr. Karoly Fabricz
// Minor code improvements
// Cosmetic: Emphasizing Chart Finder over conversion, given its potentially broader interest to users:
// Moved chart tab to be the first tab
// Changed menu to show "Unicode Input Tool/Converter"

Version 2.1.2 1002.0 KiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.0.*

Updated for FF 3 RC 1

Version 2.1.1 1.1 MiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.0b5

// Updated for 3.0b5

Version 2.1 1.1 MiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.0b4

// Changes to 2.1
// Added Hungarian localization - courtesy of Dr. Karoly Fabricz

Version 2.099 1.1 MiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.0b2

// Changes to 2.099
// Allow Firefox 3.0 b2

Version 2.098 1.1 MiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.0b2

// Changes to 2.098
// Allow custom DTD to be used when showing entities in chart instead of or
// in addition to predefined HTML entities
// Minor: Moved "Show only ents" option to "Find Character or Range" area.

// Changes to 2.097
// Minor bug fix re: display of character descriptions for 2 subsets of Unicode
// added option to show only HTML entities in chart view

// Changes to 2.096
// added entities as links where present
// added option to avoid displaying entities

// Changes to 2.095
// added background-coloring for characters in chart view which have entities
// added entities to description where present (in DTD and/or default HTML, depending
// on pref set on DTD page)

// Changes to 2.09
// allow u+/U+ format in chart view
// added link to PDF file of character images when performing mouseover of a character
// checks for name of mouse-overed character and displays it in text box
// add Find in Unicode chart context menu item to go directly to chart view
// made upper-case display output dependent on prefs value
// added checkbox to alternate whether multiline or not (useful for Unihan, for example)

Version 2.08 29.0 KiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.0a8

// Improved Chart UI further by adding captions, rearranging, resizing
// Added clear button to chart

Version 2.07 29.0 KiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.0a8

// Improved Chart UI by grouping items
// Changed default behavior in chart view to display buttons (so people know they can click them to get output)

Version 2.06 33.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0.0.* - 3.0a7

// Per user request, added feature to convert unadorned ampersands to escape code for well-formed XML
// Per user request, added centerscreen parameter to openDialog
// Added clarification on DTD page about entities being used in conversions
// In an earlier revision, I revised the deprecated content.document.getSelection to content.window.getSelection (returns object rather than string, so also needed to convert to string)