Works good so far Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Just installed it and works fine so far. Very much needed functionality in a web browser. I had actually been keeping Chrome open just for language pages.

Rather than opening a selection translation in a new tab, it would be cool if we just got a popup window. Don't know if that's possible. Also, for some reason when I try to reassign the hotkey to ctrl+alt+= it doesn't work. I tried a few other symbols and they work, just not the = sign. Bizarre!

Edit: Another problem I just noticed. Even when you've reassigned the hotkey to something else, it still remains tied to ctrl+alt+t anyway. This is annoying because Firefox's default hotkey to open a new tab is ctrl+alt+t (or maybe it's Tab Mix Plus). I don't understand why addon devs use that exact hotkey for their addons. I've stopped using some addons just for that reason and that's unfortunate because I actually liked this one. Uninstall.

**EDIT JULY 12, 2012:** Sorry I meant the hotkey for "duplicate tab" is ctrl+alt+t. As for the hotkey not saving, there's not much to explain. The addon was freshly installed. I realized that the hotkey for it was ctrl+alt+t, which conflicts with "duplicate tab," something I use frequently. So I tried to switch the addon hotkey to ctrl+alt+=. Upon pressing the new hotkey, it didn't work. I tried setting it numerous times, it didn't work. I thought maybe it was just symbols that couldn't be used as hotkeys, so I attempted to set the hotkey to ctrl+alt+\ That hotkey works fine and it's the one I'm currently using.

I also commented that even after assigning a new hotkey, the old ctrl+alt+t still remained tied to Translate This. This was simply a restart problem. Upon restarting Firefox, ctrl+alt+t was no longer a hotkey for Translate This and it had returned to it's original "duplicate tab" function. Sorry, I should've updated my review to let you know that. I forgot about it because I usually go for days without restarting Firefox. (Updated my rating to reflect this.)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.8.1-signed). 


The default key to open a new tab should be CTRL + T. So I'm not sure why there would be a conflict.

As to the hotkey not saving, it is on my end. Could you provide any more information?

EDIT: Great, I'm glad that there is no issue with the hotkey not working properly.

I did test out the "=" hotkey issue, it does appear there is a problem with that. I will look into it.