Some users complain Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I've also complained, starting last evening, but only due to now trying to do much the same work I've been doing in WinXP, this time in Linux. In WinXP, TMT has been certainly useful for me.


Very little, if any, documentation is needed for using this Firefox extension. I've never made use of any, or if I initially did, then it was extremely little. TMT is rather straightforward to use. It isn't difficult at all; not in MS Windows anyway.


TMT, which I've been using for some years now, over two anyway, has never caused any menus to flicker for me. Maybe this flickering problem that NelsonBig has experienced isn't due to TMT, but something else, instead; or maybe a conflict between Firefox extensions he or she has installed. I've never had any flickering due to any Firefox extensions at all.


If TMT is useless for your particular needs, then that's not a reason, in itself, to give the extension a low rating. Reviews should always be critically objective, rather than subjective. We can give our subjective views, but shouldn't do that without also being critically objective. F.e., I don't like some movies or books that are rated highly and which are actually well made or written, but to be able to rate it, I have to abstract myself, say, so I'ld just state my dislike, while also adding that the quality of the work is good, great, or whatever I critically think of it in objective terms.

You could say that you hate your "disgusting" neighbour because he grows marijuana. Which of the two of you would be right in critically objective terms? Your neighbour, of course!

These are my comments on the three negative or unfavourable posts in the first page of reviews, presently.

These people who complained didn't provide critically objective reports and ratings. TMT is useful.

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