TMT problems with Firefox in Linux persist Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Quote: "by Visibo (Developer) on March 7, 2012 · permalink

Thanks for the report. For create TMT rows, you may right click a tab and "Send this tab to TMT" and choose "Send to new row". Hope it helps."

The tip you give is good to learn. It wasn't necessary and doesn't resolve the problems I described, but is nevertheless good to know about. It'll be useful.

However, it doesn't cause rows or names of rows to appear in the TMT Options popup (the Row or Rows tab), and doesn't correct the other problems I mentioned. F.e., I can neither save TMT rows to file, nor import from a saved file. And the other problems remain also unresolved, for me anyway.

If we can't save and import saved TMT rows (using external files), and can't see the rows in the Rows tab of TMT Options, plus the bug reporting button also has no effect, then there're several deficiencies with this Firefox extension for Linux; Fedora and Kororaa anyway.

I can still create rows, but the aforementioned deficiencies are very considerable for this extension. It merits a 4-star rating for MS Windows, but if these deficiencies in Linux persist, then the rating will need to be very low for use or usage of this add-on in Linux. (That's something that might not particularly matter to you, but Linux users might care about this and it's better to not provide a very defective add-on than it is to provide them when ratings here are high for this extension and maybe only because of MS Windows users; maybe.)

If the extension fully works correctly in other Linux distros, like Debian-based ones, f.e., then the question that remains is "why not with Fedora-based distros?". I don't think there should be a real difference between the different Linux distros, but maybe there is also for TMT. says this extension is suitable for Firefox in Linux, but your extension info. (obtained by clicking on the Info. link in the download or install page) doesn't specify any OS'es and versions thereof, at all. So, what are your intentions for use with Ffx in Linux? Maybe you didn't really intend this extension to be used with Ffx in Linux, but Mozilla's verification (if there is any) determined that this would be fully usable in this manner without you being informed of this. (I don't know what the extensions verification process involves.)

Anyway, the problems I first posted about, all of them, persist.

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